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VAIO - Hardware & Networking

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Registered: ‎08-22-2013
Accepted Solution

some keys are not working at all

I am using vaio vpceh3aen laptop. Some keys on my keyboard are not working at all. Like left arrow,right alter,m,n,v,x,z,,,/   I have 2 OS . other is linux. same keys are not working there also.
keys stopped working at time when i was using VLC media and the key combination (Alt + left arrow key).

please give me solution.
Don't tell me to get a new USB keyboard.


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Re: some keys are not working at all



If this is happening on both OS then it's probably a hardware issue.  It could be as simple as replacing the keyboard, or a function board, or the mainboard (keyboard controller)...

Tuning Up
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Re: some keys are not working at all

Was having the same issue (second time now!)

It happened this time due to complete battery discharge and the laptop went offline..

Anyway, what I did to make it work was go into BIOS and select the recovery thing then control+alt+del, this fixed the issue for me this time, otherwise try playing around the BIOS screens, as I am not sure what exactly the action I took there which fixed it.

Good luck!


Sony, if your reading this, there is some low level bug with what ever is keeping track of numlock etc, PLEASE FIX!!

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Re: some keys are not working at all

@ romansky I am sorry to hear that you're having troubles as well.. What is the model number of your VAIO computer?