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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

Hi there


After receiving a lot of instructions by telephone and mail and follow all the steps, I still have problems with the screen constant touch signals being picked up in the top left corner, I have seen on internet blogs, I'm not the only one who has had problems with this model Vaio Duo 11, my fear is as mentioned you in previous post, that my computer warranty expires in January 2014 and I am in Nicaragua, I would like to know how can you help me to correct the problem or if I need to take my computer to an workshop so that they correct it, or what I have to do in order to correctly use the computer I bought to SONY.




Angel Rafael Somoza Rayo

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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

Hey there Rafasomoza!

For us to check your computer's specs, can you provide the exact model name of your laptop.




ez Enthusiast
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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

sidran32 wrote:

If you're experiencing the same issue as I have been, I realized that it only occurred while it was plugged in to an AC adapter. Apparently there's grounding issues when it's plugged in that causes false touch events to be triggered on the touchscreen. I usually get this with my third-party charger (which I use at work), but not  the first-party one I have at home (though it still might occur with it).


My fix is to just unplug the power adapter and plug it back in. Usually that resolves it. If that isn't giving me any luck, then I just use it while it's unplugged for the time being.


I figure it must be a hardware issue. I don't know if the newer versions of this model fix this problem, but I don't believe there's much that a software update can do about it. I've tried updating drivers and reinstalling fresh to no avail, before I figured this out.



That´s it!!! If I unplug and replug then it fixes the problem.

However, I still believe that a software workaround is possible: the problem doen't stop immediately when I unplug - only after the screen switches to 40Hz mode does the random tapping stop.

The same result can be achieved by pressing the power button to go into standby and then pressing it again to wake up.

This suggests to me that a reset command can be sent to the hardware which will stop it from occurring.

(I suggested this in my original email to Sony Support, but they ignored it and told me to run a system restore instead... Smiley Sad )


So, to resolve this I take it that I need to go back to the place I purchased it (a Sony Centre in another country) and get them to send it off for repair, and be without my laptop for several weeks?

It's coming up to one year of ownership this month for me so I had better do something about it soon...

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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems



I really don’t known what they did but the problem gone!


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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

If you're willing to send it out, give it a try and see what happens! I am out of warranty. I also just recently did a self-repair on the SSD (which ended up failing on me [i]the day after[/i] my warranty expired, just my luck). I don't think they'd take mine back after I ended up opening it up myself, regardless. Smiley Happy


I hope it works out for you! But I fear you may end up finding that it won't do any good and you'll still have the same issue when it comes back. I don't know if it switching to 40Hz means anything, since I don't have mine go down to 40Hz at all. My guess, without knowing any specifics about how it's actually hooked up, is that the ground for the touch panel in the screen is some how shorted with the main power ground. It could be that accumulated electronic charge from touch events (which are detected via static charge, from what I gather), aren't getting grounded out properly via the charger. It could be that charge from the charger itself is interfering with its ability to ground, or is grounding into the same sink. This might eventually lead to phantom touch events once environmental static charge stops being correctly filtered out. Unplugging the charger may fix the grounding issue temporarily.


This is all just inference, of course. I only know that unplugging the VAIO helps, and someone else said something about grounding. Smiley Wink


Trying a different charger may not be a bad idea, either. Also, the thought occurs to me that it could be the quality of your electric supply could be affecting it (though that seems less likely to me).

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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

[ Edited ]

I purchased a Sony Vaio Tap 11 (model number SVT11213CXB) and actually have been experiencing a similar issue but with the mouse cursor going to the top right (instead of the left) of the display while in landscape mode and clicking randomly.

Threads for the Tap 11 are scarce (likely since it's a newer product) but I've found multiple posts with Duo owners experiencing similar random touchscreen issues. When I purchased the Tap last November I immediately updated the drivers through Vaio Update, updated the BIOS, ran all Windows updates and then upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1. Everything updated fine with no issues or errors during install. The random touchscreen issue seemed to arise after the upgrade, but I'll admit that I didn't have the Tap long before upgrading to 8.1. So it's possible the issue was there prior to upgrading.


After much troubleshooting and research, I've narrowed it down to the following:


1.) Driver or firmware issue

2.) IR or RF interference

3.) Hardware related


#1 seems the most likely as numerous Duo owners have claimed that the issue was solved by instaling the N-Trig Duo Sense software and drivers.

But when I run the installer it errors saying that "N-Trig hardware was not detected". I then thought maybe the last 12/17 BIOS update hosed the N-Trig firmware and the touch input was solely being handled by Windows built-in Pen and Touch. But I went to our local Sony store and the listed drivers for their display unit is the same as my config. A couple of Duo owners did state in that thread that they encountered the same error. N-Trig's support forum suggests that instances where you recieve that error during install to contact the manufacturer of the unit. But they only have software and drivers for Windows 8 and not 8.1, so that could also be cause for the error during install (compatibility mode did not work).


#2: I haven't really been able to test the IR sensor theory as I can't figure out where to disable the sensor? It's possible that the sensor could be picking up interference and causing the random touch screen input (does the Duo have the IR sensor?). However, Device Manager (with hidden devices selected) doesn't list an IR device, nor does Devices and Printers or Vaio Control Panel? There are drivers installed though apparently as it controls our TV fine using Sony's Remote app. I suppose I could just cover the sensor with tape, but I was hoping to avoid getting tape sticky on the housing of my tablet.


@sidran32 presents an interesting notion with the power adapter as RF interference could be a possiblity. The Tap and the Duo do have the same power adapter to my understanding (I'm not using a 3rd party power adapter, I'm using the one Sony provided with the unit). However I tested that theory just today by leaving the tablet unplugged during use and I still encountered the issue. I also tried moving it away from electronics in close proximity, including my iPhone, but still no change. I also thought the Tap's wireless keyboard/mouse was the issue, but turning it off while the cursor is clicking in the top right of the display doesn't stop it from occuring. External mice and keyboards don't solve the issue either (wireless, wired or bluetooth).


I had to move my taskbar to the Top of my display so that when the issue does occur it doesn't close out the program or browser window that I'm working in and instead just opens the date and time window repeatedly.


I really hope it's not #3 as I haven't had the unit long and won't exchange it for another and won't bother to send it in for repairs. Especially since Duo owners in other threads have had their displays replaced, only to have the issue reoccur. I also wonder if it may be something with N-Trig technology all together. If you google N-Trig touchscreen issues there's threads from as far back as 2009 with people complaining of random clicking and touchscreen issues with N-Trig tablets and PC's. Sony's the manufacturer of the Duo and Tap though so they really need to be at the forefront of this issue with their products regardless.


Best Buy's Holiday return window expires on Jan 14th so if I don't hear back from Sony or get this resolved before then I'm likely just to take it back. I switched from an Apple Macbook Air for the Tap and even sold my iPad Mini as I wanted a true all-in-one device. I was also planning on trading in my iPhone for a Sony Xperia Z1, but I'm hesitant now considering the issues I'm having with the Tap's display.


Overall I really like the direction that Sony is going with their products and want to stay with them, but I'll admit that the quality of Apple devices and their response to product issues is currently unmatched. I hope Sony can get this resolved, but I'm skeptical as some threads for this issue date back to 2012, early 2013.


The next time it occurs I'll quickly try to cover the IR sensor and will report back if that does anything, but I'm skeptical. I'm just hoping Sony can give us an answer as to why this is happening.

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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

[ Edited ]

Hi All,


Had the same issue with the Vaio Duo touchscreen random-clicking (top left corner) constantly.


Just had a theory about this which seems to have been missed by Sony's support.  The touchscreen samples at 60hz? (at a guess - correct me if I'm wrong here)


Various Intel HD graphics updates have changed the defaults to the screen refresh rates - I checked my settings and the refresh was 40hz! Great recipe for mismatch and issues with the touchscreen.  Also power management seems to muck up the refresh rate - Switching to speeds that will conflict with the touchscreen..


So. Theory goes.. Change the refresh back to 60hz and up the brightness a bit... Hmm.. Perfect.. No more random tapping.  Now - Just need to turn off power-management-based screen switching..


Please let me know if this fixes your issues!


Andy C


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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

Thanks for your response Andy. I hope that solution works for you, however I did check my refresh rate which was defaulted at 60Hz. I tried 40 to see if that would stop the issue but no luck. I also tried other resolutions and reinstalled my graphic card drivers. I've read forums where Sony Ultrabook touchscreen owners are experiencing the same random clicking issue in the corner of the display. For this to occur on three different Sony touchscreen models (Tap, Ultrabook, Duo) this is definitely an issue that Sony needs to address. I had concluded it was N-Trigs drivers but I doubt their Ultrabooks have NTrig tech since you can't use the pen on those.

Hopefully Sony takes notice and gets this resolved.
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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

Hi Tim the model name of my laptop is:


O hope You can help me.

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Re: vaio duo 11 touch screen problems

Hi Rafasamoza,


Greetings and thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist customers outside of the US. We kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at Cheers!

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