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Registered: ‎03-09-2014
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wifi does not connect and the mouse is moving by itself (touchscreen)

I have a Sony laptop model SVF14N13CXB, which has several problems and I cannot solve. I'll list the problems to make it easier to understand

1-When I bought the laptop in 2014 it already had a problem on the touchscreen where the mouse was moving by itself and clicking everything as if I was using the touchscreen, but I was not even touching the screen, sometimes it would not even allow me to use the mouse (touchpad) because it moved alone and not allow me to click where I wanted. I downloaded the calibration on the Sony website and it worked out over these 4 years. I only had to recalibrate 3 times. But now in the last two weeks the problem happened again and I'm having to calibrate every day. When I calibrate it back to normal but when I go use the next day the mouse is fixed at the top of the screen and clicking everything and I have to calibrate it again and again the next day.

2-Problem with the internet. There are two problems with internet problem

A)Even my wi-fi having a good signal the notebook says that it is not possible to connect to the network and it does not connect, sometimes it takes about 20 min and then it connects and after some time it disconnect again. It's getting rare I connect and stay connected for 1 hour. PS: all other devices in the house connect normally without problem

B) This problem occurs frequently, after happened what I explained in (A) when the wi-fi disconnects and I'll try to connect again sometimes it does not show any network, it goes offline and it does not allow me to connect even using the troubleshooting and the wi-fi signal shows a red X. The problem only solves after restarting the notebook several times until it shows the wi-fi signal without the red x


I hope you can help me because I love my notebook and Sony but it is getting harder and harder to continue using my laptop with all these problems

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Registered: ‎01-11-2018
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Re: wifi does not connect and the mouse is moving by itself (touchscreen)

Wifi problem.  I had this happen. Upgraded to W10 when it first came out and all was fine. After a few months i kept loosing the internet connection although everything  else worked. I had to keep resetting wifi adaptor. I took it to my repair shop who couldn't find aanything wrong and reinstalled 8.1. It worked fine in their shop but same problem when i got home. I then had a smart tv delivered and that told me there was no internet!  Solved the problem by moving to fibre connection which put the speed up. (We were <2meg before, now 38meg.)   TV also now finds inteernet.  (I think the wifi adaptor driver couldn't cope with the slow speed.)

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