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Can't adjust Brightness on my VAIO (VGN-FE770G). How to fix?

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Hi.  I have a VAIO (VGN-FE770G).  It originally came with Windows XP, and said "upgradable to Windows Vista".  A while ago, I replaced the HDD and at that time I installed Windows 7 Professional.  Windows update took care of all the drivers so I didn't bother getting them from the Sony website, and the website only offers drivers for XP&Vista for this model anyways. 


Everything works fine, other than the fact that I cannot adjust the screen brightness.  FN+F5/F6 (keys with lightbulb symbol) does not work and if I go into device manager > power options, the brightness slider is missing all together.  I have been through every menu including the advanced menues and there is no way to adjust the brightness.  I've been running windows 7 now for over a year, and I actually just noticed this after comparing the screen to another laptop screen and saw how dim mine was.  I don't remember whether it was like this immediately after installing 7, or if it happened sometime later from an update or some other program being installed, etc. 


If anyone could help me fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks.

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Re: Can't adjust Brightness on my VAIO (VGN-FE770G). How to fix?



You would require the Sony Shared Library, Sony Notebook Utilities, and Updated Video Card Drivers for Windows 7 to get this feature to work.


Unfortunately this model is not supported for Windows 7, so these utilities are not available for download.  Sorry for any inconvenience.