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Can't open office documents any more

Who knows a soluion to the following problem: I suddenly  can't open my Microsoft Office Starter 2010 documents anymore. It says: "The Microsoft Office product necessary to open this file is not installed on your computer." Then it gives three options: I already purchased office 2010, go online to purchase Office, and Try Office free for a limited time. There have not been any recent changes. Can you help me? 

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Re: Can't open office documents any more

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Hello Eise,


First, I would like to ask what program you were trying to open when you got this message "The Microsoft Office product necessary to open this file is not installed on your computer." ?  Office Starter comes with 2 applications: Word Starter and Excel Starter.  If you tried to access ANY other office programs, the message you recieved may even be appropriate and correct.   Please confirm what application you were accessing and how you proceeded to open it.


If you were trying to access Word or Excel Starter by opening one of those programs, then I am not sure what happened but what you describe sounds like an Office Trial got installed on your PC rather than the Office Starter.


The three options you *should* see are:

  • Already purchased office 2010
  • Go online to purchase Office
  • Use Office Starter

Because the third and final message has changed, that is why i suspect you now have a Trial installed.

(if you had Office starter already installed and activated, (a) third option should not even appear).


If this is the case and you ended up with a trial version somehow, you can try to uninstall ALL Office components and software present on your PC in the "Programs and Features" section of Windows and reinstall the original factory installed Office Starter from the Recovery partition.  


To access the recovery partition, open the VAIO Care application.  From VAIO Care, navigate to Advanced Tools and select Restore and Recovery.  Select the Reinstall Applications and Drivers option and you will be able to reinstall any software that came with the PC including Office Starter.  Office starter is NOT considered a Trial and should not have any sort of activation key or time limit associated with it.

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