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Center Stage

I keep getting a popup saying that Center Stage won't start.  What is Center Stage?  How do I get rid of it?

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Re: Center Stage

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Re: Center Stage


Could be a software from apple or a software to purchase tickets.

Anyways... since you are receiving the pop-up error it is most likely you uninstall the software however the registry key is still present and wants to launch it on every boot.

This is what you can do assuming you have Windows 7.

1) Click on Start
2) Click on Run
3) Type "Msconfig"
4) Click on the Startup tab
5) Scroll down and locate Center Stage and uncheck it
6) Click apply
7) Choose don't show me and restart

Windows 8

Steps are similar except you need to launch Task Manager instead of MSCONFIG.

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Peter Tat
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Re: Center Stage

None of this works. I can't even find "Center Stage" on my hard drive. Also, the ****** Windows Installer window keeps popping up, and then the Media player window and won't go away until I cancel it about five to ten times. I'm gettng VERY #$#$!!!!! ticked over this. You'd think Microsoft would have a way to fix their ******.  Also, on my Sony Vaio, the SD card reader doesn't work.

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Re: Center Stage


Hi, Wolfmanjack1978


Welcome to Sony Community! 


Center Stage is most likely a software from Apple. If you installed Apple software like iTunes before, Center Stage might be installed as well. There are applications that need another software to run properly. May we have the exact model name and current operating system of your unit? 


You mentioned you tried the previous suggestions but did you find Center Stage under Startup tab (PeterT's suggestion)? Software under Startup tab usually won't give us the exact name. You might see CStage, CntrStg, CenterStg or something similar. You may check that again. If the issue is still unresolved, you may contact Apple for further assistance. 


With regard to your other concern, make sure the unit is up-to-date by running Vaio Update and Windows Update. 







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Re: Center Stage

I have never installed any Apple software on this laptop. 

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Re: Center Stage

And no....This program does NOT show up in Start up at all. I can't even FIND it on my hard drive. 

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Re: Center Stage

Hi Wolfmanjack1978,


We're sorry to hear this. Try the links below to get rid of the pop-ups on your computer. 


For the Media Player issue:


For the Windows Installer:


We also suggest contacting Microsoft Technical Support for additional help. 





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