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Getting updates for PCG-2C1L (VGCLT38E)

Model PCG-2C1L (VGCLT38E) all in one, windows vista

I am working on an old PC, making sure everything is up to date. Normally I would make sure the Bios is the latest, and then do windows and other updates. I noticed on sony support that there are a few newer updates for drivers and other factory software, but no bios updates are listed. On the dozens of PCs I have looked at there have always be at least a couple of Bios updates during its product life, so this is unusual. Next I noticed that windows updates complains that it is not enabled, but that there is something called VAIO update. Before I jump in and try the usual windows updates fixes:

Are there really no Bios updates for this PC?
Should I still be able to run windows updates, or is the sony updates feature supposed to replace that?

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Re: Getting updates for PCG-2C1L (VGCLT38E)

OK, I just read in the FAQ that Vaio update is similar to Dell update or HP update, in that it deals with OEM bundled SW. Windows updates still needs to run to keep the OS current.



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Re: Getting updates for PCG-2C1L (VGCLT38E)

Hi Tns1,


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There is no BIOS update for this model anymore. Windows update is different from VAIO updates, if you haven't updated your system you may do so by going to Sony website. You may also refer to the link below for further information about the Windows update.





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Re: Getting updates for PCG-2C1L (VGCLT38E)

[ Edited ]

Other PCs have Bios updates (as many as 10) issued over a 4 year support window, but the Vaio only shows one update issued just a few months after the PC was released. That isn't much support.

I am checking to see if this model can run Win7 x64, and if so can the bundled VAIO utilities that operated under Vista be installed and support Win7 x64?    


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