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Registered: ‎02-13-2013
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HDMI audio not working

My hdmi audio doesnt seem to be working, even though I have all updated drivers. Also the bars show up as if there is sound. But of course there is no sound.

I've tried to enable and disable hdmi as default.

Has anyone come across this problem?


I have contacted support and they gave the whole run around, and not even guarantee that the problem will be fixed.

It's a sony tv too. Which is making me question the reliablity of their products and services if they can't guarantee it will be fixed.


I'm using a Sony Viao VPCCW21FX. Windows 7. Old I know, but it works great, up until now of course.

Any help would be welcome.

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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: HDMI audio not working

Hello Fahd,


I think this is likely an issue with the TV rather than the computer.  I suggest you to do a factory reset on your TV and then try again.  What is the model number of your Sony TV?





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Registered: ‎09-30-2013
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Re: HDMI audio not working

Hello ftcsony,


I'm having a similar problem with my VGN-FW235D running Windows Vista 64-bit. In the past plugging in the HDMI cable automatically switched audio from the onboard laptop speakers to the Pioneer Elite Plasma TV -then one day for no apparent reason I could not get HDMI audio output to my TV. Like you I manually switched the playback device to HDMI and observe the left and right audio level bars rising and falling with an audio signal, but no output from the TV. After searching the internet endlessly and trying every so called solution without success, I eventually discovered after much trial and error that I can get an audio output on the HDMI by rebooting my computer after manually selecting the HDMI as the "default" device. To get audio back to my laptop speakers I must then reverse the process setting the "default" device back to my laptop audio and rebooting again ...... this works but is obviousely very inconvenient and time consuming. Although my Vaio is getting on in years, it has proved to be the best laptop I have ever owned ...... sure would be nice to have this problem resolved in a simpler way. Not sure if this will help you ftcsony, but it's something you could try.





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Re: HDMI audio not working

Have you tried re-installing the audio driver for your computer? You may also try system restore to revert back to the date when it was working properly.

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