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VAIO - Software & Other Operating Systems

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No sound from headphone jack

Hi all when I first got my sony vaio (VPCEA46FM) the headphone jack worked. All of a sudden, don't know what happened, I have no sound when I plug in my headphones. I have gone into sounds and looked to see if there was an icon for the headphones and there is none, only speakers. I have gone to the sony website and downloaded the driver for it but it still does not work. I can hear sound from my speakers but nothing from the headphones. Any help suggestions or solutions would be very appreciative. I have tried looking for solutions online but have not found anything that works. Thank you
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Re: No sound from headphone jack

Hello Shorty, welcome to the forums.
There is not a setting to disable just the Headphones jack in the audio properties. If you have tested your headphones in another device, and sound is fine over speakers. check the driver one last time ... 9&os_id=45

then contact chat support for final troubleshooting before suggesting service. ... =VPCEA46FM
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