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Touch Pad not working

touchpad on sony vaio VPCEB4JOE laptop does not work.
have been trying to fix this for 3 weeks, and have read all sorts of forums but no luck so far.
have done following
installed Alps lates driver from sony website.
tried synpatics method - as mentioned on internet
tried windows defender disabling and vaio care method.
no luck so far...It works fine listed as PS2 mouse as long as windows are not soon as windows is updated it stopped working every tim.
it works fine in safe mode..this makes me think its to do with one of the windows updates causing the problems...
does any one have come across this problem? any fix for it.
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Re: Touch Pad not working

Hello and welcome to the Users Discussion Forums.

Please verify the model name again because VPCEB4JOE isn't recognized as a valid North American model. However, for this touchpad issue, I would recommend you to try the following steps first.

Click the Start button, then click VAIO Control Center .
NOTE: Earlier models may refer to the application as VAIO Support Central instead of VAIO Control Center .
In the VAIO Control Center window, click the Categories tab.
On the Categories tab, click the Plus (+) symbol next to Keyboard and Mouse .
Under Keyboard and Mouse , double-click Built-in Pointing Device .
In the Built-in Pointing Device window, make sure the Enable box is checked.
Click the OK button.
In the Built-in Pointing Device dialog box, click the Yes button.

Also there are some VAIO® notebooks include a feature that allows disabling of the touchpad by pressing the Fn+F1 buttons on the built-in keyboard. Try holding down the Fn key and press the F1 key to see if the touchpad is re-enabled.

If all no go, then you should run the system restore to an earlier time where it used to work before. You can also contact Sony support directly for remote triage. ... OR=CONTACT
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Re: Touch Pad not working

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Thanks for the post.


The model # VPCEB4J0E belongs to UK.


You may also try the steps from the following link:


If the issue persists, contact Sony facility in another country:





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Re: Touch Pad not working

Amazing and simple

Fn+F1 works as described

Best regards

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Re: Touch Pad not working

On my Sony vaio laptop after replacing keyboard touchpad is not working at all not even showing cursor symbol but mouse work with external USB mouse sir please give me solution for this or its an hardware issue??? as keyboard was replaced by computer engineer
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Re: Touch Pad not working

Hi Supriya_,


I already answered your other post, kindly check the link below.




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Vaio Z Not working

Hello, I've had this Vaio Z laptop for months. Never really used it only for essay's. I used it recently and when I got to open a application like internet explorer or setting, it will not open up nieither of the applications. I've tried turning it off and on thinking it was just a glitch but turned it on to it having the same problems. I've looked on the internet for solutions but I've found nothing. If you could please help me figure out what is wrong with my laptop.
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Re: Vaio Z Not working


Hi Selena21


Welcome to Sony Community! 


May we have the exact model name of your Vaio Z laptop? Is the main issue here the internet connection or the computer is just not responding or opening any application? Try these suggestions and let's isolate the issue: 


  • Power cycle the unit. - Shutdown the laptop and unplug the AC power adapter and all connected devices -> Remove the battery and hold the power button for 5 seconds OR (if the battery is not removable) look for a battery off button on the bottom of the laptop. Push and hold the button for 5 seconds. 
  • Boot the computer to Safe Mode
  • Perform a clean boot


Hope these help. 







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Re: Touch Pad not working

I tried the Fn+F1 option and it worked! Thank you for your useful tip.

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