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Trying to restore system after hard drive wipe after system crash. You get the idea

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Ok I made my second mistake after purchasing my second VAIO. The first one is obvious.

It had Windows 7 Home Premium on it. NO OEM disc and no recovery discs or system startup discs.

It had many issues with dropping out operating systems that i used for work and they were so bad I had to call in the Pro's to get it back operational. TWICE. And it cost me $700. I was told to updgrade to 7 PRO which I did. It did it again so i retired the computer to home use. It was only 5 months old when I did this.

It has issues at home. Stopping. Stalling. Jamming etc  etc etc You know, usual windoows PC stuff. I ran all sorts of "fix it" programs through it. Last week after being nagged by the wife to fix the piece of ****** AGAIN so she could play her Farmville (I dont allow any of that sort of stuff on any of my own computers) I decided to bite the bullet, and upgrade to win8. ISSUES as usual so I thought F**K this and decided to wipe the C drive and start again. I went and bought a brand new Toshiba hard drive for thebackup;. Spent many hours formatting it to the correct setup for partitioning etc etc etc. Ran the backup program and after 4-5 hours I get a message that something went wrong and that there was not enough space to do the backup. The backup needed 246gig and the hard drive was 500gig. "Try again" it said. I did, 6 more F*****G times and each of them it kept coming back with the same S**T.

OK I will do a windows repair disc and I will do some recovery discs. W7 disc no probs. Recovery Discs, no such luck. Disc 1 of 3 FINE. Disc 2...Problem. Try again after shutting down and restarting. So I did. Another few wasted DVD's and I got the same thing. TRY AGAIN it said. NOT F*****G LIKELY.

Went to the SONY help pages. NOTHING. downloads? NOTHING. CUSTOMERT SERVICE? NOT F*****G LIKELY.


I have run every angle I can and this last one is the final insult. When in the hard drive recovery diagnostic menu I tried to find "things" on my hard drive. "THIS MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES" the pop up said. 2 hours later, I hit the power button to turn it off as it was still saying the same ******. 

AND here I am.


SO Mr SONY, what have you got in your ******nal to fix YOUR problems. As you didnt supply anything with the computer, I suggest that you should have downloads of the needed programs but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 








Ok a quick update.
I tried many various SONY suggestions. Hold this button, tap that one etc etc. So I try again. SKIP rescue as I have done this 7 times already. Select recover system to factory conditions and pray. GOD is apparently out of help with SONY VAIO customers as even he cant fix them. Prayers dont work and neither does this F*****G laptop. ERROR 320 apparently a memory problem. RUN DIAGNOSTICS Nothing wrong. Run recovery again. error 320. F**K
Ok try and trick the SONY do a custom recovery... no no no sony look like they have fixed that loophole too. ERROR CODE 1

AND LASTLY the only reason the wife wanted it was because it is ORANGE. Yep, the operating system nor reputation of the company (Once good) did not matter. And why should it when you can get a pretty colour?


I personally switched to Apple about 4 years ago and since have spent over $100,000 with them.

Just think Sony. You could have had that.

You big corporations spend hundreds of millions of dolars on sports stars and advertising to get customers and all you had to do was spen a few bucks looking after the ones you HAD.

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Re: Trying to restore system after hard drive wipe after system crash. You get the idea

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It seems the model is Indian. You can read the following page about error 320.



Contact Indian team.

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Registered: ‎03-17-2013
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Re: Trying to restore system after hard drive wipe after system crash. You get the idea


Well the wonderfull customer service people at SONY have excelled this time. 

Finally I get a reply and it is obvious that they read my complaint. NOT.


Dear David,
My name is Jane. Thank you for your enquiry and for your patience whilst awaiting a response. I have read your email and understand you are having problems with your Sony VAIO.
I am very sorry to hear about the disappointment you have experienced due to your Sony products and most recently your VAIO. I do appreciate the time you have taken to access our website and submit your feedback.
We recommend to make recovery discs when you first purchase the device which is outlined in the booklet supplied with the VAIO. However, as you have not made recovery discs for your VAIO, I have attached a form to this email where you can purchase the recovery disc to install the original operating system back onto your device. Please complete the form and submit it back to us so we can place your order.
Again, I apologise for the inconvenience and I would like to thank you again for taking the time to submit your feedback.
If this does not answer your enquiry, please feel free to reply to this mail and I will do my best to look into the matter further. If you happen to call our customer services team on 1300 13 7669 (Mon - Fri 8am-6pm. EST), please quote this reference number C-0001342226, as I have saved our email correspondence for future reference.
They had attached an order for me to BUY recovery discs because their system would not do what it said it could which was to create recovery discs.
Well Mr Sony, in Australia when I bought this computer, we had a little thing called "The Merchantable Goods Act" Look it up cause it is about to bite you on the AR5E. And hard. I will not buy another item from your company ever again and you WILL be refunding my money and reimbursing me for the countless hours I have wasted on your ****** product. Sorry, PRODUCTS. Plural.


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