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Accepted Solution


Windows Vista Computer will not accept UWA-BR 100 USB.
TV Model number: KDL-46EX640. Regardless the volume setting and even in mute, when tuning off the set, there is a very loud "pop" every time.
Contacted Sony, and advised to change location of plug to wall socket. Advised to plug direct into wall.
Advised not to use surge protector.
After several attempts, regardless of volume setting including Mute, a large pop is heard.

Would like to update TV if possible.

Checked software version in TV. It has V1-011. Understand required at least V1-158
Downloaded sony_tvupdate_2012_1158_ucf_auth in computer
After downloading “A new folder will be created called "sony_dtv026000066006_00000301”
After inserting UWA-BR 100 receive the following:
Windows needs to install driver software for your (CEWL 1)
Locate and install driver software (Recommended)
C:\Windows\system32\new dev.exe
Windows was unable to install your (CEWL 1)
Check support section for driver software
Inserting USB causes the following message: Could not find driver software for your device

Corrective action?

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Re: UWA-BR100

Hello Robert,
Welcome to the User Discussion Forums.
The UWA-BR100 is specificly designed to work only with a Sony Bravia Television. The UWA-BR100 plugs into the USB port on your Television. Unfortunately you cannot use the UWA-BR100 to connect a computer to the internet.

With the UWA-BR100 plugged into the USB port on your Television you will have wireless LAN as an option when setting up the Network settings on your KDL-46EX640.

please follow these directions to connect to your wireless home network. ... 0526754726

If you still cannot connect. please ensure you are using a supported security protocol on your network: ... 0526754581

If your home does not have wireless internet the UWA-BR100 is not necessary, and you can connect directly to your Router with a LAN cable.
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Re: UWA-BR100

please follow these directions to connect to your wireless home network.

I may be confused with your response, but how do I update the TV?

Extract the update file from the file.
For Microsoft® Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 operating system:
Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and right-click the file, and then click "Extract All.
At the "Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders" window, click "Extract"
A new folder will be created called "sony_dtv026000066006_00000301"
Connect a compatible USB storage device to your computer. View formatting instructions and the list of compatible USB storage devices.
Transfer the update folder to the USB storage device:
For Windows operating system: Go to the directory where the folder was created, right-click the sony_dtv026000066006_00000301 folder and, from the menu, click "Send To...", and then click the drive (EX: Removable Disk ESmiley Happy that represents your USB device. The update folder will be copied onto your USB device.

You are saying that Sony did not provide a "compatible storage device to your computer" If I purchase same, will it be compatable to Sony TV?

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Re: UWA-BR100

Apologies Robert for any confusion.
The UWA-BR100 is not a USB Storage device. Yes it looks like a small thumb drive, but the UWA-BR100 has a WLAN card inside giving you the ability to connect your TV wirelessly to the internet.

Please install the UWA-BR100 into the side panel of your Television.
Illustration of installing the adapter can be found on page 41 of the manual.

once the UWA-BR100 is plugged into the KDL-46EX640 Television Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
Select Settings .
Select Network Setup .
Select View Network Status .
Press ENTER to confirm network status.
Make sure the following settings appear:

Wireless Device should be OK meaning the TV is connected to the Wireless LAN Adapter UWA-BR100 .

If the Wireless device gives an OK you can then follow these instructions to install the latest firmware update ... roup_id=18

The lower half of the above walkthrough is provided, in the event that you do not have wireless in your home, and cannot connect a LAN Cable to your TV. If this is the case use a USB Storage device ( not included) that is formatted to FAT32 and plug the USB storage device into the side of your TV to install the firmware update.

If still you are unable to either. please contact tech support directly for assistance. ... type_id=36

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