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VAIO Care Rescue at every start-up

I bought a VAIO Y a month ago and every time I start up my laptop the VAIO Care Rescue program comes up (before Windows boots). I then have to exit out of it then the computer restarts and boots into Windows. Also when I am logging in and the "Welcome" text comes up the screen goes black for like a second and comes back(just telling you this in case it has anything to do with the above).

First of all is this a hardware or software problem. If it is a software issue how to fix this.
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Re: VAIO Care Rescue at every start-up

Hello, and welcome to the forums.
Apologies you are experiencing boot issues. If your notebook is launching directly into VAIO care its giving you the option to reinstall your OS.

Since you can boot to windows eventually, by your description , It does not sound as if you are experiencing hardware issues. For piece of mind use VAIO care to run Hardware Diagnostics. if this is a recent occurrence, try a system restore point (this will not affect your data however we always suggest to backup your personal files before proceeding).

A resident program might also be causing the error. try using MSConfig and temporarily disable non- microsoft services and startup programs.

If none of these suggestions are helping, please contact chat support for further and deeper personal troubleshooting. ... =VPCY2190X
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Re: VAIO Care Rescue at every start-up

On my Windows 7 Home Premium, my screen got black and can't login to Welcome screen. To solve problem, I paid for Windows Boot Genius and start pc normally again! Everything on my computer are still there!

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Re: VAIO Care Rescue at every start-up


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