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Vaio Care Rescue

I recently had the hard drive of my computer (VPCF126FM) replaced and had the system reinstalled. But due to an unfortunate occurrence my computer caught a virus from an infected USB drive install file. I tried to remove by AV and cannot do it without crippling the entire computer, so my only choice is but to use Vaio Care Rescue. There is one problem however, I currently don't have access to my backup drive and need to have a substantial amount of data saved somewhere.

For that I created a partition in the computer's internal HDD with enough space for the data and am prepared to perform a C: drive reset. There is still one issue that concerns me, though. When I went to use Rescue, I got confused at the options because they weren't exactly clear enough. So I ask:

How do I use Rescue without deleting the data in the partition I created to save my back up?

If there is no way of doing so, will the normal procedure delete any partition that has been created in the internal HDD?

Back when I had HP and Dell computers, I could create as many partitions as I wanted and place data in them and the recovery process wouldn't touch said partitions. I would think it is the same in this case, but I can never be too sure, since the data that I am trying to preserve is quite important, including various encryption keys.

Thanks in advance for assistance.
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Re: Vaio Care Rescue

Thank you for your post.

Using VAIO Care gives you 2 ways to save your documents
1. to a drive - USB or on the same hard drive (different partition as you stated) or
2. burn your data to a CD or DVD.

you can do both from within the rescue partition,

once completed if you choose C drive recovery it will only affect the C drive partition.

we do recommend however to save to an external USB as the preferred method to backup your files.\

To access the rescue partition spam the [F10] key a few times, it will then state "edit boot options"
press enter and it will then state "recovery tools are being launched please wait" then select rescue data and follow the on screen instructions.
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Re: Vaio Care Rescue

hi! I have a problem with vaio care: I want to use the recovery functions but I get an error that says I am in audit mode. I went and followed the instructions to turn off audit mode from regedit but it still states that I am in audit mode. Please help me; i have a vaio vpceh1e1e

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