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Vaio Fit 14 wifi problem

Hi . . . I am considering to buy a Vaio Fit 14E for my daughter, however, in light of the extensive reports on the slow/intermittent wifi, I am relunctant to do so until I can confirm that the issue is fixed.  On one of the thread conversations, it was shared (not by Sony) that new units bought directly from Sony have had their wifi antennas reworked which has solved the problem.  Can you confirm or deny this please?  Thank you very much.

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Re: Vaio Fit 14 wifi problem

Good afternoon knuckles, Our new VAIO's are great products! If you'd  like a member of our sales team to reach out to you, we'd be happy to collect your contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) and have someone touch base with you ASAP. You can send this to me in a private message. Thanks!


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Re: Vaio Fit 14 wifi problem

Thank you for the reply, however, you didn't answer my question.  I have decided on the Fit 14E provided that the wifi problem has been 100% addressed for units ordered from Sony.  Would you please let me know if this problem is fixed?  Thank you.

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Re: Vaio Fit 14 wifi problem

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Hello knuckles,

To answer your question directly, some customers still experience wifi issues with their VAIO Fit.  However not all units are affected by this issue; only a small percentage are affected.  For those customers that still have signal issues, we are offering a wifi dongle in the interim until a permanent solution is available for those users.


This issue is discussed in great length in this forum thread.

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Re: Vaio Fit 14 wifi problem

I can answer your question, I just bought one 10 days ago and the problem IS NOT FIXED!!!  And no one seems to want to actually help me.  They keep having me reinstall drivers and the problem remains.  I've over it and returning the laptop and will just live with losing the $100 restocking fee and won't buy another Sony product.


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