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Vaio Pro 13 - flickering display

I have a Vaio Pro 13SVP1321S1EBI for almost 3 years and ever since the 2nd month the screen keeps flickering and has green stripes every once in a while, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes for days on and off. Here is what happened so far

First 2 years while in warranty:

- Called Sony support they told me it's the Windows causing it, so I went through all the driver updates. Everything was up to date and still did the flickering. I reinstalled the whole Windows 8. After a few days it stopped. 

- I upgarded to Win 8.1 and everything was working for months flawlessly, until again it started for 2 days and Sony support: it's the Windows and the drivers for 8.1 are not supported on my device. I reverted back to Win 8, no change. 

- Finally the laptop was taken to a service center, and returned back in 2 days: nothing hardware or software problem found, everything works fine. 5 days after return, again flickering. 

- Upgraded to Win10, everything was working fine for months long, and didn't have any problem until I had to revert back to Win8 because of Wi-Fi connectivity issues - then a few weeks in again flickering. 


Since the warranty ended, again keeps doing it on and off again. Now it's been doing it for 6th day in a row, updates all installed, Win 8 - the device came with it pre-installed. 

I connected it to an external monitor and that doesn't do it, it's just the build-in screen, even at startup before even loading the OS. 

I have ran out of ideas to try, and useless calling the support because:

- they did never help with solving the issue.

- warranty of the device also ended already. 


Anyone has any tips to give out?


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Re: Vaio Pro 13 - flickering display

Hi Reka,


Welcome to Sony Community!


We apologize for the inconvenience. You may turn off the laptop then press the ASSIST button. Verify if it flickers on that page, if it does then service is required. 


We highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at to assist you with this issue.


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