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I got the free upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and for my VGN-AW350J. Anyone reading this the upgrade is not Windows 7 just a big crappy patch and was hard to instal/upgrade. After I finally got it done(Downloading the drivers from the Sony site sucked) my PC ran verry slow and was maxing out one of my CPUs with very little load. I took it to a near by Sony Style several times and got the run around, blaming it on the HD screen and the Blu-ray. So, I ended up taking matters into my own hands and calling Microsoft for a replacement full version of Win7( DL the drivers from the Sony site sucked again) then the Vaio was much faster and the CPUs can handel much more load, so the moral, don't trust the upgrade disks, later I was told the same thing by someone that had similer problems. IS IT JUST ME OR HAS ANYONE ELS HAD THIS PROBLEM?
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Hello J,
Sorry to hear you had such a hard time with your upgrade. Many that have experienced performance issues after upgrade have expressed the Clean install method, ( and yes you can perform a clean install using the Win7 package that was sent) gives better results.

follow these instructions for clean install, please note there is also a link for the upgrade as well should you wish to review steps to see what could be dragging down the performance. ... plate_id=1

Another method is to backup everything , and wipe the notebook clean to a fresh vista image. then perform all updates in vista and defrag it afterwards. ( add nothing else)

Then perform your upgrade, and run updates again. once finished run the performance setting tool in win7 to maximize your settings to your liking.

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