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Re: Windows 10 for Vaio Flip 15?


Yes, this is quite weird, Zomby. Did you upgrade it a day before the end of "free upgrade"? Perhaps there was an interruption of the process of upgrading the operating system. You mentioned you restarted it, right?  Did you update the drivers and software before upgrading it to Windows 10? Did you run Widows Update and Vaio Update? Let's try the System File Checker of Windows: The sfc /scannow command will scan all protected system files, and replace corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in a compressed folder at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache. 








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Re: Windows 10 for Vaio Flip 15?

yes. every time I check for drivers updates, the list is empty, says that I am up to date.

I did a disk clean, a scannow, windows update, etc...


i had problem before from upgrading win 8.1 to win10, when windows reverted the changes, it kept windows 10, so its like it reverted back to what succeed but never could complete the installation. Now with the newer update for the windows 10, I still get the problem of freezing at 32%.


If you google windows 10 stuck at 32%, im not alone, there is many people having the same issue, with different hardware setup.

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Re: Windows 10 for Vaio Flip 15?

Hello going back to this.


1. windows 10 is deffinately installed.

2. windows 10 has new updates (version 61**)

3. when trying to run windows updates, everything looks great until a windows restart and at 30% it freezes. The cpu fan, keeps running, it wont stop, computer becomes hot if I leave it like this for too long. I perform this same windows update 7 times already and each time it does the same thing, freezes at around 30-32% with the CPU fan running constantly. I have to shut it off and turn it back on, windows does a recovery on its own.


so what is causing it? This is a SONY laptop, only Sony would figured it out, please help.

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Re: Windows 10 for Vaio Flip 15?

[ Edited ]

It finally worked. I got to update windows to version 1703 successfully. The problem the whole time was "power sleep options". I set everything to never sleep and it did the trick.

Sony and windows power settings don't work well. for instance, if I run my laptop on battery only, the hard drive does the clicking sound like it goes to sleep every few seconds, which doesnt make any sense, in the settings, its set to sleep every 2 hours when computer is on idle. The stuck at 32% problem on windows update reboot was probably cause by disk going to sleep mode and never able to wake up. This could be a windows fault in the code or not smart enough to check if the hard drive is awake or not, or this is a sony flaw in the hardware, either way, good information for you and good news for me.


BTW The touchpad is so sensitive, that every time I move my finger on it the screen zoom % keeps going low or high, and I havent click on any of those settings, it just does it, I havent notice since I updated to version 1703, maybe this is better now, but yea, I have to use a USB mouse, cause the touchpad has never worked well.

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