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Windows 8 Touchscreen Issue on Sony Vaio L-Series All-In-One

I recently installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on an L Series all-in-one computer with touchscreen(VPCL237FX). First of all, this is a fantastic computer.It has almost everything you could want on a computer: 3D, touchscreen, Core i7, NVidia graphics, blue-ray recorder/player and TV tuner. In addition, some great Sony Creative Tools are thrown in, including Acid and Sound Forge.

When I can tear myself away from all of the fun things to do with this system, I am using it for Windows 8 development. Initially the touchscreen did not work, but it did after installing the Sony touchscreen Windows 7 driver. However, touches on the outer edges are not functioning (beyond the visible area). Touch is definitely available there since Sony uses it for various functions in Windows 7. This problem causes drags from the edges to not be sensed, so the normal things do not occur around the edges for Windows 8. For instance, the Start screen cannot be accessed by touching the lower left of the screen. You can use the mouse for this, but I would also like to use touch.

If this problem could be resolved, the Series L would be a fantastic computer to use for Windows 8 development and testing. Everything else seems to work well. It really gives you a feel for how Windows 8 will work in a desktop environment, with the exception of the outer edge problem.

--L. Davis
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Re: Windows 8 Touchscreen Issue on Sony Vaio L-Series All-In

Hello L. Davis,
Welcome to the User Discussion forums

Unfortunately since Windows 8 is still in beta we do not have any released drivers for Windows 8. you can try the windows 7 drivers, or the following tips that we provide to users trying to upgrade to 7 from vista. hope these tips help you out.

If you find drivers that will work with your all in one, please share them with others, We agree with you that the new OS is best with a touchscreen.
keep us posted!
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Re: Windows 8 Touchscreen Issue on Sony Vaio L-Series All-In-One

[ Edited ]

USER-963102, Were you able to fix the issue with Window's Update or driver updates or is it still a problem?


Beta software can be tricky sometimes Cat Sad

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Re: Windows 10 Touchscreen Issue on Sony Vaio VPCJ128FG All-In


I have lookin from various source of support to help me out to fi a problem with my SONY VAIO ALL IN Komuter series VPCJ128FG but no help. I have problem with touch screen which is stop working after upgrade to windows 10. Can anyone out ther outside asia help me with this kind of problem. Thank you




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Re: Windows 10 Touchscreen Issue on Sony Vaio VPCJ128FG All-In



Hi RuddyK


I just replied to your other post. Check that here:






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