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how to delete bios password sony vaio laptop sony VGN-NR 160E

how to delete bios password sony vaio laptop VGNR160E

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Re: how to delete bios password sony vaio laptop sony VGN-NR 160E

If you can access the BIOS you can clear out the password in there.  If you have forgotten then you need to call Sony Technical Support at 800-222-7669 to request for a BIOS password..

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Re: how to delete bios password sony vaio laptop sony VGN-NR 160E

There are 3 ways to reset the bios password:


Use the Password Jumper

Step 1: Open your computer. This method is for desktop computer users. Unplug the power cord from the back of the computer. Remove the case so that you have access to the motherboard. The motherboard is the main board of the computer, everything is attached to it.

2. Find the BIOS jumper. There are dozens of jumpers on the motherboard, so be sure that you are locating the correct one. Refer to your motherboard’s documentation to double-check. The jumper covers two of the three pins that control the BIOS password.

3. Move the jumper. To reset the BIOS password, you will need to move the jumper that is covering two of the three pins. On most systems, moving the jumper over one pin will change it. For example if the jumper is covering pins 1 & 2, move it so that it is covering pins 2 & 3.

4. Turn the computer on. After booting, the BIOS password should be cleared. Turn the computer back off and replace the jumper to its original position. Replace the case and the computer is ready to be used again.


Use a backdoor password



Removing the CMOS battery



1. Open the computer. This method only works on desktop computers. Make sure that the computer is turned off. Remove the case from your computer so that you can access the motherboard. Unplug power cable from the back of the computer so that no power is reaching the desktop.
Be sure that you ground yourself before touching anything inside your computer, otherwise you might short a component.
2. Locate the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is round and silver, much like a watch battery. Carefully remove it from its housing. Wait for 5-10 minutes so that all of the power stored in the capacitors on the motherboard can discharge.
3 Replace the battery. All of the BIOS settings will be reset the next time that you turn the computer on. You will need to reset the time and date in the BIOS setup menu.



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