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Registered: ‎03-25-2013
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'operating system not found'

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I have had the same issue is a few of you on here. When i turn on the computer it says operating system not found.  I've read that if you hit F2 and and reset the BIOS (I have no idea what this means) that it could work. 

Well i hit F2 and the screen came up ok. It showed my hard disk  drive at 0GB. It's recognizing it's there, but showing nothing available- maybe that means its not recognizing it??? 

I have a warranty on this via a 3rd party company thru work, but I'm very afraid that they will simply restore the PC and I'll lose everything. This laptop is only 1.5 years old so i didnt back things up thinking i had a little more time (silly me)

Since I have all my work and personal files on it, is there anyway to recover it at this point? Could removing the HDD and using it as a temporary external drive with antother PC allow me to transfer files? Would that void a Sony warranty?


I tried restarting BIOS to defaults (i think), but still get "no operating system found". I'm not sure if i did it right. Here is what i did: I hit F9 (the setup and defaults key).  It asked if i want to "load detault configuration". I hit yes then F10 to save and exit. It doesnt see anything about BIOS. After this, the same operating system not found error came up. Oh and when i starts up there is a humming sound i've never heard before- its a 2 pitched sound- almost like in the movies before a sub dives under water (not really sure how to explain it other than it cant be good).


Any help would be appreciated before I let the 3rd party have at it???

Sony Employee
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Re: 'operating system not found'

Hi Jimm,


Since the HDD is detected in the BIOS but the Operating System will not load, try accessing the recovery tools using the Assist button or F10 and recommend to perform a Data Backup (if possible).


If that does not work the only option left would be to perform a Full System Recovery by accessing the hidden partition. If the hidden partition cannot be accessed, the Recovery Media Kit. will be required.


If the issue is still unresolved even after a recovery, service may be required. Click the Repair link at the top of this page for available service options.


If my post answers your question, please mark it as an “Accepted Solution”.

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Re: 'operating system not found'

When I start my Windows 7 laptop, I also got the prompt "operating system not found", I got Windows Boot Genius to help me!

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