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"Operation System not Found"

So recently, while I was trying to reset my hardware and trying to get rid of everything on my computer to make it new and start over again. I must've accidently clicked something that messed the Operating System up.

I restarted the computer afterwards, hoping to fix the problem, but a screen popped up that said "Operating System not Found." Whenever I pressed something on my keyboard, it would repeat itself.

Please help me with this problem. I have a Vaio Sony Computer Model - PCG-61A11L.

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Re: "Operation System not Found"

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Hi K -

To summarize: You tried to reset your system back to factory configuration (or some other kind of operating system reset/reinstall) and now your laptop is non-functional.

There are good and bad things about this situation.

The good thing is that there is hope for you. It *IS* possible to make the lappy function again. The way it "fell from grace" appears to indicate that the problem is not the hardware. If you compare your situation to those of a lot of the other folks asking for help in this forum you are a lot better off. Frequently, their hardware is screwed. Yours is not (very, very likely).

The bad thing about your situation is that it may not be easy getting the laptop functional again. The degree of difficulty of the recovery largely depends on your answer to the next question.

==> Did you upgrade to Windows 10? <==

No matter what your answer is to that question your recovery will not be a piece of cake.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 then you can just download a copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft and install it onto your laptop. During the upgrade process the unique hardware characteristics of your laptop were "registered" with the M$ license servers, so after you install Win10 it will be automatically activated. Of course, you must download and burn a DVD of Win10 on someone else's computer or some other computer that you own, etc. Doing a manual reinstall is a pain in the neck, but it is do-able. There is also the problem that not all of the parts of the laptop may have device drivers available in Win10. One of my laptops is similar to yours and after I upgraded to Win10 I never got Bluetooth to function again, but I never used it anyway. Also, the generic touch pad driver that came from Win10 stopped me from disabling "tap to click." I REALLY dislike touch pad tapping.

You appear to have a Sony Vaio VPCEG32FX laptop with an i5-2450M CPU that gets a Passmark CPU score of 3402. That's absolutely a decent score. This is hardware worth saving. You could easily upgrade your RAM to 8 GB and an SSD would make that laptop a lot faster.

If you did not upgrade to Win10 and instead stuck with Windows 7 the problem then becomes "Where do I get a Windows 7 Home reinstall DVD?" M$ no longer offers that OS for download. When the push for Win10 started M$ removed all downloadable copies of Win7 from their servers and the servers of the companies that work with them. You might be able to buy an old install DVD or maybe a friend of yours has one. I'm close to certain that you need an OEM install DVD. A retail DVD won't work for you because you have an OEM computer. I believe only Dell gave out Win7 OEM DVDs with their computers (or at least offered them as an option). All the other OEMs relied solely on recovery partitions on the hard drive. If you go the "reinstall Win7" route I strongly recommend that you get a Dell Win7 Home 64-bit DVD. If you have the option for 64-bit then 32-bit is so yesterday. You could possibly buy a retail copy of Win7 and a legal key, but that doesn't make much sense.

Another possibility (that you may not like) would be to download a copy of the Linux operating system and install that. It's free, 100% legal, and I would suggest that Linux is a good thing. Some options for you are: Mint, Fedora, LUbuntu/Ubuntu, Puppy, Knoppix. There are literally dozens of Linux versions you can download. You want a "distro" that is aimed at a Linux beginner. I've never seen Linux Mint in operation, but the Cinnamon user interface is said to be quite "XP-like" and is currently the top downloaded version of Linux. Linux Mint Cinnamon is just one of the four Linux Mint varieties. Downloading and installing Linux might be the easiest option for you. Nothing is lost if you just "experiment" with Linux.

OK. So how do you want to move forward?

Your friend, AncientHardware

 [LATER] I edited this post. The 1st time I posted here I changed the title of this (reply) post. That seems to have been a mistake.

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Re: "Operation System not Found"


Hi, Khaotic


Welcome to Sony Community! 


May we have the exact model name and current operating system of your Sony VAIO computer? PCG-61A11L is just the chassis number. 






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Re: "Operation System not Found"


Thanks for solving my problem! Also, you mentioned something about upgrading to 8GB from 4GB, how do I do that?

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