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I want to create a Windows Vista Home Premium recovery disk

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My computer came with Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled when I purchased it new from Sony.

Therefore I do not have installation disks for Vista.

Things are operating ok now. I don't need to repair or restore.

I want to create a System Recovery Disk set using DVDs so that if I ever need to I can return my Sony Laptop computer with Vista Home Premium to original factory condition.

Since Sony preinstalled my O.S. on my computer, it has a System Recovery Partition on the C: drive that I can copy onto DVDs so in case I need to I can return my computer to factory condition.

I understand that there is a way to do this using something called the System Recovery Center on my computer.

I clicked Start then  Help and Support, then clicked on Backup and Recovery then scrolled down to Launch VAIO Recovery Center and when I click it nothing happens. So I can't access the Recovery Center to begin the steps to making the set ofSystem Recovery Disks. I don't know why the link does not take me there.

Does anyone know an alternate way to get done what I am trying? What are the specific steps to an alternate way to go to the Recovery Center in windows Vista Home Premium?



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Re: I want to create a Windows Vista Home Premium recovery disk

Check if the partition is there on the computer.
Run - Disk Management.
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Re: I want to create a Windows Vista Home Premium recovery disk

Thank you for the reply.

I ran Disk Management and there are two volumes, partitions on the HD which show as healthy. So the partition for the system recovery is there.

I contacted Sony and they first said that I could delete the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 update, see if I can get into VAIO Recovery Center, and if so go ahead and make the Recovery Disks , then re-install Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

I looked in my computer's Windows Updates and did not specifically see service pack 2 there but there is one called Service Pack for MS Windows KB948465 dated 10/10/2009 which could be it. ( My computer System Properties says I do have Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2). I am leary of just going ahead and doing the uninstall because I don't know what else may happen if I go this route. So I sent another email to Sony.

In the followup e-mail Sony had me check in C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Recovery- to see if it is missing and it is not listed on the C: drive. I do think it was there in the past.

They then suggested that I use the F10 key at startup and go into the VAIO Recovery Environment and recover the system. "Some data may be lost" they say.

At this point I am wondering if I should perform a System Recovery. It will return my system to what it was in 2007. That seems pretty drastic when I am not having issues with my computer now. All I really want is to have external Recovery disks just in case.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: I want to create a Windows Vista Home Premium recovery disk

I have used Windows Boot Genius to help me create a Sony VAIO Windows Vista recovery disk efficiently. You can also have a try!

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