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No model number visible, no Vaio Care app.

I have a 2011 PCG-81114L. I'm trying to find the exact model number. The info provided by Sony is incorrect about this - it says after 2009, the model will be right under the service tag. There is nothing there, and in fact, that label has no space on it where it could be.


Also, at least since Windows 10 upgrade, there is no Vaio Care app, which is the other way Sony says to find the model number. When I search for the app, I find a page on the Sony site with a link to download it. Clicking that link goes to an "invalid link" page.

So, Sony has wrong info in every way on this. Is there any other way I can get the actual model number? Would the BIOS have it? All this to buy a $45 memory upgrade, and Sony's incompetent handling of support info is making this impossible. Any help from people who actually know either where to get the app (and not from some skeevy third party download site), or how to otherwise find the real model number, please let me know.

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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: No model number visible, no Vaio Care app.

I found another way - using Vaio Update, the help/version-info menu item. Which brings up model, serial number, service tag, even bios version. All good. Would be nice if it were possible to select and copy from that popup. So, immediate situation solved

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Re: No model number visible, no Vaio Care app.

Are you using Windows 7? if you are using windows 7 try this on cmd..

1. Open CMD by searching it on start button.
2. type "wmic computersystem get model,name"

it will give you the exact model number and model name of your laptop.

if you want to get the serial key try this.

1. turn off your laptop then instead of pressing the power button.. press the assist button.

2. then quickly press f2 and you will enter the bios.

3. you can locate the serial key in the "Main" menu of bios..

hope that helps Smiley Happy

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