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VAIO - Upgrade, Backup, & Recovery

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Registered: ‎02-21-2013
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Sony Duo 11 SVD11216PG. Restore partition

I have just purchased a Sony Duo 11  SVD11216PG. The first thing I like to do on a new machine is make sure the recovery works. Being caught in the past I also make the recovery disks first.


After making the discs, I used the Assist button to try and get the machine to return itself to a factory state without using the discs, but using its internal recovery parition.


This fails,  stating an internal error prevented it from restoring.


I then tried the restore discs which worked fine.


As there is space used for this recovery partition it seems a waste if its non functional. Questions in order of preference.


1. How do I fix the restore partiion?

2. How do I remove the restore partition being its un-usable?



Nic Wilson

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Re: Sony Duo 11 SVD11216PG. Restore partition

Hi Nic,


You're a perfect tech....You created a recovery discs even before you started using the computer. That's what everyone should do while using any branded computer. Kudos for that!!!!


Coming back to your questions about deleting the partition and restoring the recovery partition... YES ... you can restore or delete it.


To restore or to delete the partition... use you recovery discs or media and perform a Complete system restore(not restore c drive)... it will prompt if you wish to create the recovery image..... select Yes.


Check this article


Not sure if the same options will appear with new VAIO.. but you will get options near to what is mentioned in the page.


Smiley Happy