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Sony Vaio Tap Bios boot from dvd

Anybody know how to get to the bios screen, or at least boot from a DVD on these new Vaio Tap tablet deals. I want to clone a few of them. There is some assist button, but I think that is like a thinkvantage on lenovo / IBM.


yeah, I just played with one out of the box and the assist button brings up boot from usb, config bios and rescue options.

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Re: Sony Vaio Tap Bios boot from dvd

start and press f2
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Re: Sony Vaio Tap Bios boot from dvd

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On previous models, F2 was used to get to BIOS, but that changed with Windows 8. Microsoft introduced new rules for Win8 preinstalled models, to standardize different OEM PC interfaces. The way to get into BIOS is the same for all of Sonys Win8 preinstalled models - you have to do a full shutdown (regular shutdown only puts the PC into hibernation). To do a full shutdown, hold the Shift key down while clicking the Shut Down option on the power button icon in the Settings charm. Or, you can just hold the actual physical power button down for about 10 seconds to fully shut down. Then, press the assist button on the PC to access the boot options screen (instead of pressing the power button). On the boot options screen, you'll see an option to boot to BIOS.


To boot from DVD - after inserting it, shut down completely - again, if you just do a normal shutdown, you are just putting the PC into hibernate mode, and you won't be able to boot from DVD or get into BIOS that way.  Restart and you should see text appear on the screen that says "press any key to boot from disc". When you see the text, just press the Enter key on the keyboard to boot from the DVD. On most VAIO PCs I've seen, Sony has the BIOS set to boot to DVD by default, if there is a bootable disc in the drive. If this doesn't work, check to make sure your DVD is actually set up as a bootable disc.

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Re: Sony Vaio Tap Bios boot from dvd

Hello Phil,


Thanks for the post.


You may try these steps to boot your VAIO Computer from External Devices.



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Re: Sony Vaio Tap Bios boot from dvd

I found this article very helpful. Thank you so much for the information you shared.