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VAIO - Upgrade, Backup, & Recovery

ram Tuning Up
Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎01-15-2013
Accepted Solution

after windows 8 refresh...

Hello everyone

After  i  have refresh my windows 8,   i actually deleted all the files of vaio Smiley Sad  .

i dont have a recovery/backup disk .

From where can I download all the vaio files (Including using the Fn button)


 my vaio laptop is VPCF23JFX windows 8 64 bit .



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Re: after windows 8 refresh...

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Hello RAM

Welcome to the Sony community forums.

As long as you did not erase the partition  when you upgraded to windows 8, you can still get your computer back to the original Windows 7 OS.

Turn the computer off completely.

press the assit key or if that does not work  (press the power button then immediately spam the [F10] key a few times till it shows  advanced boot options, then press enter, )

the unit will turn on and windows rescue will automaticly lauch.  choose VAIO recovery wizard

then choose c drive recovery to reinstall windows 7.


once complete we strongly suggest  creating a set of recovery software with 2 blank DVDs prior to upgrading to windows 8 again.

here are the instructions for creating recovery software.

How to create a set of Recovery discs using using the VAIO Care version 6 software (,66/kw/32660)


If neither [assist] or  power [F10] gets you the advanced boot options  then the partition has been cleared and you will need to purchase the original vaio software by calling the parts center here: Parts and Accessories Sales

and requesting Recovery Set  989204112