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VAIO - Windows 10

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What Are the POST Failure Indicators

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I believe  that my Vaio is failing POST but I want to make sure.  When I  apply power, the  HDD, Caps  Lock  and  Num Lock LED's flash (very quickly --  < 500ms).  I hear  the  HDD  start  up but  the screen never  shows  anything.  I have  tried  to  boot  from an  external HDD and the only difference  is that  I  can hear  the HDD  shut off after about  5 seconds.   I do NOT hear any audio (beeps) from the  PC.  I have also tried an external monitor but no indications on it either. 


Yesterday, I had the same  problem although the  Vaio did eventually boot; Today nothing.  I have reset the  computer.  I have reset the RAM.  I velieve  that  since I am  hearing no POST  audio indication, that POST  has  failed.  Does  anyone know if there  should be an  audio indicator of POST completion?  Any other ideas?


This  is a Vaio  E-Series Model: PCG61611L

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Re: What Are the POST Failure Indicators

Hi Joliet_tech,


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Kindly refer to the link below for more information and additional steps on how to troubleshoot the issue on your laptop.






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Re: What Are the POST Failure Indicators

Thank you Jen. I had already read that article.  Let me add some info. 


After many attempts to boot the pc, it finaly started.  I figured something was wrong with the HDD.  Niether chkdsk and sfc found  any errors.  I did have some System Events related to the HDD drivers.  I couldn't find anything definitive on the errors so I just took a leap and reloaded the OS.  It is now on Windows 7.

I rebooted the pc over 15 times over a 24 hour period with no issues.  I was leaving for the day yessterday afternoon so i turned the pc off.  It sat for about 8 hours and when I got back home last night, i tried to start it.  Nothing.  Black screen.  All LED's flash (HDD, Power, Caps, Num) very briefly -- Same symptoms.


I am perplexed.  While  is  sounds and feels like a POST Failure, I'm not sure what else I can do.  I did reformat the HDD when I reloaded Windows. I don't believe  that  this is hardware as if hardware  fails, it's done.  I'm convinced that this is software related. 


Any other  ideas? 

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