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Registered: ‎06-12-2017
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NWZ-A17 does not read Disc numbers in ID3Tag

I did research carefully choosing a new music player to replace my Ipod.  I love the sound quality of my NWZ-A17 Walkman but I have a major problem with the way the unit reads the ID3 tags.  A good portion of my music collection is live shows, which span multiple discs.  In order to always keep the folders easy to read and to not have to have multiple folders for each show I would rip multi disc shows under one title and make sure that the disc number was selected in the ID3 tag.  This kept me from having things like 09/01/92 (Disc 1), 09/01/92 (Disc 2) instead I just had the one label to choose from.  When I purchased my Walkman I transferred my Itunes library to the Walkman and I found all multi disc shows display and play on the walkman in the following order

Disc 1 Track 1

Disc 2 Track 1

Disc 1 Track 2

Disc 2 Track 2 and so on...


I reached out to Sony on multiple occasions.  I was told it was my mac so I got a Windows laptop and that didn't fix the problem.  I spoke to multiple Tech Support specialists each of whom did not seem to have a grasp on the product or the problem.  I was told I was speaking to advanced tech support last time I reached out.  They told me I needed to use Media Go Software and Sony Content Transfer software and that would solve my issue.  It did not.  I spoke to someone again who told me that the issue cannot be solved and I would have to label each disc individually.  I enquired about my already very large library that I already have encoded and I was told Sony does not have a solution.


This seems like something that can and should be solved in a firmware update.  


I find it very hard to understand why the NWZ-A17 reads all aspects of the MP3 ID3 tag except the disc number.  Both my old Ipod and my friends basic run of the mill cheapo Sandisc mp3 player each have no problem reading disc numbers in the ID3 tag and displaying and playing tracks in the correct order. It shouldn’t matter how the files were ripped, it is how the unit reads the tag but tech support did not seem to grasp that.  


If this is the case and Sony has stopped supporting this product I will start looking again for a replacement.  


Has anyone else come across this issue?  I cannot possibly be the first.


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Re: NWZ-A17 does not read Disc numbers in ID3Tag



Our apologies for the inconvenience that this may have caused. It does not read the ID3tag due to the compatibility of
the audio file format. Is the firmware of your walkman is updated? if not please follow this link:




If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Registered: ‎06-12-2017
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Re: NWZ-A17 does not read Disc numbers in ID3Tag

The firmware is up to date.


I do not believe this is an issue wth the audio file format.  I tried re-ripping a double album using the Sony Media Go Software and using Sony Content transfer software and I had the same results.  This seems like something that needs to be fixied in a new firmware.


Please advise.


Thank you.

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