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New Walkman and MusicBee

My old Walkman's battery finally gave out, so I bought a new one.  This new Walkman takes playlists and music files from MusicBee, but when I try to play the playlist, it says there are no songs available to play.


my old unit never had any problems with playlists from MusicBee before. 


What's going on here?



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Re: New Walkman and MusicBee

Hi Tonyl66,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sorry to hear about what happened. In order for us to provide you the accurate resolution may we obtain the following information?


  1. Exact model number of the Walkman? The model number is located on the front, bottom or side.
  2. What software version does the unit run?


Once we have the information that we need, we'll get back to you soon with the resolution to fix the problem.


Best regards,



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Re: New Walkman and MusicBee

[ Edited ]

To configure MusicBee to be able to sync playlists to your Sony NW-A35 Walkman: Select edit preferences\devices\Walkman\configure\settings
Leave everything to default except: Music Files: Music\<Playlist><Artist><Title> (You can arrange this to your liking but don't omit the arrow characters)
Storage Path: F:\  Make sure, use naming template, is checked
Playlists Path: MUSIC\
Check the box for: Create a subfolder for each playlist and its tracks.
Save as M3U
Now MusicBee will recognize the Sony Walkman. To send a playlist, created in MusicBee, to the Walkman, right click the playlist and select send to device WALKMAN
Make sure, when you are done in MusicBee, that you right click WALKMAN in the lower portion of MusicBee and select safely remove. That's it. Kiss MEDIAGO goodbye. ENJOY and you're welcome. If you want to configure MusicBee for any other device, no matter what it is, all you have to do is connect your device to the computer and look at the file structure. Note exactly where the playlist file is. For instance, on the Sony NW-A35 WALKMAN playlists are placed in the root folder of the device in a folder called MUSIC. Now you simply look for the line, playlists path, under your devices settings, as explained earlier in this post, and name the playlist folder with a backslash. So the Sony NW-A35 would be playlist path: MUSIC\ Don't forget to put the backslash in front of the folder name. Don't forget the other settings mention earlier in this post  for MusicBee, and the other mentioned settings for whatever device you wish to use. If you are using a different device than a Sony, then the earlier mentioned settings that reference the Sony would obviously be altered to add the name of your device. The most important setting will be your playlist path in MusicBee settings. It must be spelled exactly as it appears on your computer. This will allow MusicBee absolute control over your device, and the ability to send MusicBee playlists to any device. Incidentally, MusicBee can also import playlists from iTunes if you want the songs and their respective order to stay the same. To import a playlist from ANY other program that uses M3U files as their playlist file, simply click file\playlists\import playlist. You will be given a browser window so make sure you know where your playlists are stored. If you made a playlist in itunes and changed the order of the songs, you can import that playlist with all the songs in their respective order and nothing changed by importing the playlist into MusicBee. MusicBee is simply awesome and to me, is simply the most awesome program for interacting with audio devices, hands down. Itunes ******, as well as MEDIAGO, and most other programs. I choose MusicBee, WINAMP, or Media Monkey. Cheers.

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