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Walkman Players

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Accepted Solution

Reset mp3 player

I´ve got problems to Reset my NWZ- X 1000 , ( I know It´s kind of old model )
When I push reset button, the mp3 have a blue line which charge until the end and then the screen stays frozen until the end of time,
I´ve already searched to actualize firmware but in Sony web they put just the models nwz - x 1050 or 1060 different from my 1000 one.

I´m in a hurry and I haven´t got any solution, so is there any way so I can format the hole mp3 player and reset it with original settings from factory,  without pushing reset button  like a button combination or wherever... 

I´m getting mAD!! 

Thank You !
Hope it can be solved ! Smiley Sad


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Re: Reset mp3 player

Hi Alberto,


Welcome to Sony Community!

The blue line that comes after resetting the Walkman maybe an indication of the Walkman creating its library, after the reset procedure. The creation of library generally takes long time. This is normal.


There is an option form the menu to reset the Walkman to default settings. From the Home menu-select (Settings)-“Common Settings”-“Reset/Format”-“Reset All Settings”-“Yes.”


 Also, you may try formatting the Walkman by selecting the FORMAT option from the common settings menu o the Walkman. Formatting will delete all data from the Walkman; therefore it is recommended that you backup the data from the Walkman before formatting.

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Thank you for your post.