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Walkman video MP3 player (NWZ-S545), transfer question

(sorry if this has been asked before...the search function would not recognize the model number, even though I know I've seen a post about this player).

I'm not able to download the user manual (doesn't seem to fully download, some reference to being in Canada)...

Before I open the package, I need to know if with this model I can transfer one song at a time as needed from my computer to the device and have it go to a specific playlist on the device. This is how I will normally need to use it, several playlists according to genre, adding a piece here and there as needed (I'm a music therapist and plan to use the device in my work).

From a YouTube video I saw, it seems not.

I may start off with several pieces of music and send the playlist over, but once it's set up, it will likely be one piece at a time.

If I can't this will have to go back to the store.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Walkman video MP3 player (NWZ-S545), transfer question

I have been using my NWZ-S545 Walkman for less than a week, but I will try to answer your question.

Yes, you may transfer songs one at a time to the Walkman, but if you want your songs to appear in a playlist on the Walkman, you must use Windows Media Player, or something similar.

The instructions for establishing a partnership between Windows Media Player and a portable music device are in the Windows Media Player help files.

The only problem I have had with Windows Media Player is when I set up the partnership between it and my Walkman, it transferred ALL of the music files I had in the My Music folder onto the Walkman. I tried moving some of my albums to my desktop to prevent Windows Media Player from putting them on my Walkman when I realized what was going to happen, but it didn't work. Windows Media Player still found the files, and put them on the Walkman. I was able to delete them, of course, and then I could (and did) change the Windows Media Player's settings to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you do not want or need to use a playlist on the Walkman, you can use the "Content Transfer" software that comes with the Walkman to transfer songs by the drag-and-drop method.

The Content Transfer software will install on your computer the first time you connect your Walkman. Once the software is installed, start the program while your Walkman is connected to your computer. Then, open the folder that contains the music files that you want to transfer to the Walkman. Drag a music file from the folder window onto the Content Transfer window, and the program will transfer it to your Walkman.

I use playlists on my Walkman, and I use Windows Media Player 11 to transfer my music files to it, but I have not been able to get the Windows Media Player to work with video files, so I use the Content Transfer program to put videos and pictures on my Walkman. (Yes, the video files are *.wmv files, so I don't know why it won't work.)

I hope this information helps you, and anyone else who needs it.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Walkman video MP3 player (NWZ-S545), transfer question

Hey, Michelle in WV -

I use Windows Media to transfer videos, but first I use the FreeMake Video Converter to download and convert the videos. Now, I've been converting them to WMV, since I use Windows Media Player to manage all syncs to the player; Freemake's converter can convert to lots of different formats. MY problem is, after I wait FOREVER for the video converter to download and convert (mostly from Hulu TV) I then have to wait forever AGAIN while it all syncs to the player, because (apparently) the player's software has to convert it AGAIN. At least it SAYS "converting" while it's syncing video. Do you, or does anyone, know if there's a better format to convert to, so that videos will sync faster/not need to be converted again?

I was unable to figure out any other way to get videos onto the player, but the FreeMake Converter definitely does the trick. It just takes a while...
The converter is free, BTW; just go to! It only supports downloads from certain sites, but that includes Hulu, South Park, and Comedy Central (I think) among many others...


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