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sonic stage and windows 8?

Is the Sonic Stage software and security update compatible with Windows 8?

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Re: sonic stage and windows 8?



Welcome to Sony Community!

Sonic Stage software and Gracenote security update are not compatible with Windows 8 Operating System.

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Re: sonic stage and windows 8?

Is anyone working on an upgrade to SonicStage to make it compatible with Windows 8.1?

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Re: sonic stage and windows 8?

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Hello Jernof! Your feedback has been forwarded onto the proper department by one of my colleagues. You may check your other post here. Thank you!

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Re: sonic stage and windows 8?

I had sonicstage 4.3 on my new (ish) computer running windows 7 (?) but it now refuses to run at all. I can not even access my files already in sonicstage.


My NW-HD5 still operates fine but I can not access it via sonic stage or add or delete my music.


Have I lost my music files on my PC totally as I can not access sonicstage. Will I be able to access and add to my NW-HD5 again? 

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Re: sonic stage and windows 8?

Good day davidfinch1960!


You're still able to transfer music files from Windows Explorer to the MP3 player to allow the device to still be used. If you still have ATRAC files that you would like to convert to MP3 you can find a tool to do that at the following link .  If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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