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Registered: ‎07-24-2013
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walkman does not show music

I bought a new NWZE374/RC.  


The Problem: The walkman does not show the music.  Yet when it is plug to the computer is shows it in the walkman


The step taken to remedy problem:

1) I reset the walkman to factory twice and conducted the sync for the music, still did not work.

2) Reloaded the songs to my computer and ensured that they played.  Then conducted the sync process with the walkman, still does not show the music on the walkman. 

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Re: walkman does not show music

If the transferred data cannot be found. Please check the following:


  • The built-in flash memory of your Walkman was formatted using Windows Explorer. Format the built-in flash memory on the Walkman [Details].

  • The supplied USB cable was disconnected from your Walkman while data was being transferred.

  • Transfer usable files back to your computer and format the built-in flash memory on the Walkman [Details].

  • After drag-and-drop in Windows Explorer, data hierarchy levels do not correspond to your Walkman [Details].

  • Transferred files are not in a playable format. For details, see [Details].

  • Songs or videos may not be played back, depending on the file format [Details].

  • Photos may not be displayed, depending on the file size or the file format [Details].


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Registered: ‎07-05-2016
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Re: walkman does not show music

I figured out what to do!!! That was so frustrating.  I had the same problem first with my Creative Zen player - their tech support told me "your device seems to have reached the end of its life" so I bought this Walkman and the same thing happened!!!


1.  I formated the player - from the player not the computer - so there were no files on it at all.


2.  I burned all my mp3's onto a data DVD using NTI


3.  I then opened the data DVD in "My Computer" - and found that instead of seeing only a bunch of mp3's as before, it had separated the album art and a couple of other things from the music files!


4.  I then dragged and dropped the music files - and not the album art files or anything else like "folder" or whatnot - directly to the Walkman's Music folder.


5.  Ta-da Smiley Happy

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Registered: ‎01-13-2013
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Re: walkman does not show music

Did you find a solution to this very annoying problem?
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Registered: ‎09-20-2016
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Re: walkman does not show music



I am having the same issue with my Walkman (an NW-A26HNBM) and I'm ready to smash this thing. I've transferred my music several different ways, and the player still does NOT see it... but everything is there in Windows Explorer. I bought a Sony (very loyal long time Sony fan here) hoping it would be as easy as my older one was (8GB model, had about 6 years ago... forget the model).


Anyways, what does making a DVD of the files have to do with the player finally "seeing" the files? I don't get it.


If anyone has any other ideas to try, please share. I cannot figure this thing out, and I'd rate myself as a 'tech-savvy' person. I have a 128GB authentic Sandisk Micro SD card in it, and have tried transferring to both internal memory and the MicroSD, with the same result... half my music missing!!!


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


By the way, Sony's 'Music Center' software totally blows. Highly dissappointed in that too... come on Sony.



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