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Dish anywhere app

So first off, when I purchased (new) my Sony Blu-Ray disc/dvd player, I was amongst the folks that were under the incorrect impression that you would be able to load your own apps onto this device. "you can add your favorite apps here" sound familiar Sony???


So, in the last couple of weeks, I guess the Satellite TV gian "DISH" decided they weren't getting enough of my money, so they did something, I believe a software update, to block customers from live streaming video from Iphones to their television sets through an Apple AV/HDMI adapter.


Now I'm not letting Apple off the hook here, as I'm quite certain that Apple doesn't allow anyone to send software updates through their devices without knowing what they will do. Strangely, Apple doesn't advertise on this AV device how many systems it won't work with anymore, and these things are about $45 a pop. 


So, my question to those that are still reading past my rant, has anyone figured out how to stream video, either through the Sony DVD player or otherwise?


I have a sling adapter and can watch Dish on my cell phone from any location where I have wifi/internet, but who wants to watch a four inch screen?      Any help is welcome//    thankyou!!!


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