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Registered: ‎01-09-2018
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Re: MDR-1000X Headband Cracks

your segregating us for buying on ebay. like we did something lowly.


 finger pointing and righteousness from people who did the RIGHT thing on where they bought them,  while others did the wrong thing on where they bought them. NONE OF THIS is about that. its about sonys defective product, cracking and ruining our headphones. because of THERE defect in all of these headphones. it shouldnt be where they were bought, because they all cracked in the same places and all were defective.  your praising a company that refused to admit their fault in the construction of these, that wouldnt have even given replacements if forums like this werent here. and now picks and chooses who gets replacements and who doesnt, when the defect is from all headphones.. and why are they liquidation headphones in the first place??, is it because sony knew about this? and knew they were cracking? why is there a liquidation for these headphones? whats wrong with them?  and w'ere suppose to know all this?


so keep praising this company, because you were lucky enough not to have fallen in between the cracks. 


  I didnt come here to debate this with anyone,  i'm here to post my complaints about these headphones, like everyone else is. thats what this thread is for. your here to jump in and protect a company that failed us but didnt fail you. sorry but i'm not going to applaud that.

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Registered: ‎02-07-2018
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Re: MDR-1000X Headband Cracks

I too understand that Sony won't honor the warranty given I bought mine from a 3rd party retailer on eBay. My gripes are with the process. I gave Sony the serial number, original purchase date, and the retailer name on the very first phone call. I even mentioned it was on eBay. They should have told me at that point that I wasn't eligible for a replacement.

I just wanted to share since this seems like a popular hit on Google. Sony will not tell you are not eligible for a replacement until 2.5 weeks into the process.

It would have been nice if they offered to repair or replace at a reduced price.

I reached out to Sony Support on Twitter and they said I should have my unit back by late next week. Seems silly on Sony's part to waste a bunch of money (shipping, warehouse workers time) to end up doing nothing.
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Registered: ‎02-08-2018
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Re: MDR-1000X Headband Cracks

Spacebob, that's exactly what I'm trying to say. They definitely handled the situation poorly but I can see the reason they're not willing to replace the unit.


I just hope that people don't come in here, read the last 1-2 pages, and freak out thinking their claims will be rejected. If it's under proper warranty then there should be no concern.

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Registered: ‎02-16-2018
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Re: MDR-1000X Headband Cracks

Another headband cracking issue here! Mine fell into the faulty serial number batch.


I'd watched the forums even before I decided to purchase - and decided to risk it anyway! 5 months of daily use, and the crack appeared recently.


It's disappointing to see so many others having issues with getting this sorted. Sony, you could really do with improving your experience for customers - I guess you worked out that bad press/unhappy customers costs less than owning up, offering replacements quickly, easily and without constant difficulties including this latest "out of warranty" rubbish - you designed and made them, you fix them!


Here's hoping I get the M2 and not replacement 1000X!

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