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XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer



I was wondering with sony's new pxw family camera's specifically pxw-x70 is teaming with avid to make a native codec import at xavc 50 mbits? Right now they have 100 mbits? This is for broadcast and keeping storage space to the minimum so we need this available! 


Thank you!Smiley Very Happy



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Re: XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer

the long GOP implementation of the 10 bit XAVC codec will cut the data rate almost in half. we just started implementing this codec and it will be available on a number of the PXW models.

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Re: XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer

Granted this is the case, being a post house that is teamed with a production company we're looking into the pxw-x70 cameras for production.  The MAJOR drawback is that this codec is only usable for AMA or AMA with transcode.  Is there a line of communication between Sony and Avid to have the 50m XAVC footage able to be fat imported into an Avid editor in a reasonable amount of time??  Maybe for MEdia composer 8.2??

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Re: XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer

Avid is very aggressively promoting AMA and most new/recent formats require it. This has nothing to do with Sony or Sony/Avid communication. It is part of their architecture. That said you can still File-->Import all the legacy XDCAM formats (50 Mb 422, 35 Mb HQ etc). We are working with Avid to implement XAVC long-GOP and this will be AMA-driven.


Sony's Catalyst applications will soon support direct export to DNx if you prefer to have your material go straight into the Avid library without AMA. Also you can use Resolve or other transcoding apps to prepare DNx files for Media Composer.

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Re: XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer

The latest release of the PDZK-MA2 plugin for Avid fixes an issue with long GOP XAVC files from the PXW-X70 camera. This can be downloaded here:


XAVC-Intra files are working normally and have been for some time.


Also, prepare now supports export to DNx.


Please let us know if you run into any issues with AMA or any other part of the XAVC/Avid workflow..


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Re: XAVC 50 mbits and Avid Media Composer

Our company has just brought a Sony FS7 camera and we’re after some advice to get the footage to playback in Avid Media Composer...

Our plan with the FS7 was to shoot UHD XAVC Long at 25fps, rather than than UHD XAVC Intra 25fps, due to the ability to shoot far more on our 64gb cards. 


Initially, nether XAVC Long or XAVC Intra would playback nicely in our Avid, as expected, so we installed a new graphics card (then optimised it from the MC recommended settings) and doubled the RAM to 32gb.

However… while playback from the XAVC Intra footage is now fine, and so far seems fine to edit with via AMA-linking, the XAVC Long footage remains difficult to playback - drops frames/jumpy etc. It’s awkward to scrub through and to slow to perform edits with. Applying a LUT from the source settings make the playback even worse, whereas on XAVC Intra, everything is fine. 

Bringing up the PC performance properties also tells us that nothing is overloading. CPU, RAM etc all seem normal while the footage is trying to playback. The PC performance doesn’t seem to differ playing back either Long or Intra. 

I’m looking for people that might have or had this same problem with the XAVC Long codec when AMA-linking, as well as people who aren’t having this problem and could tell me anything they might have done or have different to us. 

If it’s just us, then I’ll continue to problem solve, but I thought it might possibly be a firmware needed update? Or some other setting in the camera itself we are missing? 

Our Sony AMA plugin is up to date, (which says it supports XAVC Long) and so is our graphics card driver, quicktime, and Matrox MX02. 


We’re running MC 8.3.1 on Windows 7, and our system specs are…

intel i7 3930k

nvidia quadro k4200

32gb ddr corsair ram (4x8gb DIMMs)

128gb Samsung 840 sata3 ssd

4*2tb western digital black hdds

asus p9x79 pro




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