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Registered: ‎08-07-2016
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Catalyst Browser - why so difficult to use?

Such a bad interface!
I make three copies of all my files, just in case. I usually have multiple cameras in one event. In the old XDCam browser top left window I will  show the source card. In the bottom left I will have all HDDs listed and just twirl down my target folders on three separate HDDs and drag and drop the files to the three target drives/folders. Done. Change card and repeat.

In this Catalyst you will have to set the target folder first and then it will be hidden. Setting up is not easy either because the drive NAMES are shown first and drive LETTERS are hidden in the default pane width. To extend the width you have to very carefully find the exact point and then click down and drag (Windows!), which can be done after a few tries. Now browse to source files, select and copy. Then click the copy button, it will copy to the first HDD. To copy to the second HDD change target by going thru the previous setup and let it hide. Copy. Do the same for the third copy. First SD card is done.
Change the card and go thru all these steps again for each HDD. It is not as easy as it sounds either because I will have to figure out WHAT folder the files can be copied to, root, XDroot or further inside and so on!
Why cant we have the structre at least as the XDCAM browser? Am I the only one getting frustrated?

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