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Content Browser export

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I have F-3 Mpeg files (mp4) that I want to include on a mxf timeline- F-5 Mpeg files (50mb/sec_mxf).


When I copy or export the mp4 files shot at 29.97p they are exported as mxf files at 59.94i, and they look interlaced and edgy.  Tried CB ver 2.2 and also XDCAM Transfer v 2


However, when using the import feature in AVID MC 7, the mp4 files remain at 29.97p (35 mb/sec.)


Question:  is there no way to copy or export mp4 files within CB that maintains the 29.97p format?

I ask this as copying camera cards with CB would seem an approriate method for storing/archiving camera files-but not if the format is altered in the process.  I should clarify that I was attempting to copy mp4 files into an existing folder conatining mxf files.  CB automatically will convert the mp4 files to mxf, but I cannot get the files to stay at the original 29.97p after the conversion.  There are menu options for mxf conversions, but I am unsure of their effect.

Richard Boghosian
Bogh AV Productions
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Re: Content Browser export

If you export .mxfs from 29.97p HQ .mp4 files they should remain at 29.97p unless you manually change the frame rate in the Details area of the export window. XDCAM Transfer only re-wraps and will not convert from P to I.


Re the .mxf export options, the 'MXF For NLE' will rewrap only (i.e. no transcode/conversion of the video). The Main Concept .mxf options (MXF for XDCAM HD, MXF for XDCAM HD422...) will transcode to the XDCAM HD codecs at 35 or 50 Mb. 


How are you determining that the output files are interlaced? If you take an HQ 30p file, set the Details-->FPS setting to 29.97p can you confirm using Avid or MediaInfo thatyou are definitely getting interlaced files? Are you starting from 35 Mb HQ files @ 30p?


Feel free to message me or email directly if you are still haveing issues and need to discuss in more detail..

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