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Registered: ‎09-16-2013
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I need to speak with a Sony professional in regards to getting XDCAM footage into FCP 7.0.3; used to

Hello, and thank you in advance for the help and advice.


XDCAM Clip Browser: Version 2.06.00 (155.188)

XDCAM Transfer: Version 2.12.0

Final Cut Pro: Version 7.0.3

Mac OSX 10.8.5


I used to be able to import XDCAM clips into Final Cut, but no longer. I use a PMW-350K camera, recording on the SxS cards. I also use the Sony SxS card reader, Model SBAC-US10.


Over the years, getting clips into FCP has not been a problem. I am still able to call up, read, view, and play all of the clips in either Browser or in Transfer. I can (and have) saved all of my clips from the card into my Power Mac, i.e. the BPAV shell.


There was a time when the FCP sequence name would appear at the bottom of the page in Transfer software, and importing clips into that sequence (bin) was automatic. The sequence no longer shows up as it once did.


Likewise, in FCP, I select FILE>IMPORT>SONY XDCAM and nothing windows appear...nothing.

I have also made sure that the sequence setting exactly match the settings of my joy.


Sometimes I manage to select all of the clips as shown in Transfer, select import, and all that does is create new individual frames of video, each of which have to be closed out individually...a pain. (probably the wrong thing to do anyway as I can't seem to make FCP the destination)


So I've got some footge I need to edit ASAP, and cannot get the clips into FCP for editing.

I have been to the Sony download site, but I'm 'very confused on what I should download. I've heard that the new Browser software does away with "Transfer", but I don't know if that applies to "legacy" operations like I have (as opposed to FCP X).


I can probably figure this out, but only if I have software/drivers that still work.

I would greatly appreciate some help and advice; also help over the phone would be great too!

If there is a specific place or person I should call, I would appreciate that phone number.


Many thanks!!

Patrick McLoad


Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-16-2013
Message 2 of 2 (6,296 Views)

Re: I need to speak with a Sony professional in regards to getting XDCAM footage into FCP 7.0.3; use

Never mind; got it working.

I updated XDCAM TRansfer from version 2.12 to version 2.13...seems to work okay now.



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