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***Welcome to the XDCAM Download Center (XDC)***

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Welcome to the XDCAM Download Center (XDC)



The XDCAM Download Center is under construction this summer!


·         This is the future home page of the XDCAM Download Center in the US.


·         Use the "Options" menu to subscribe to the RSS Feed of this page to be alerted whenever this summary page is updated.


·         Sections of the site which are under construction will be marked appropriately


·         Subscribe to the RSS Feed for this post to get an alert when something new is posted to the download center.



Click here to check out the latest news about the XDC




Quick Links (and status of site sections)


What's New at the XDCAM Download Center (XDC)


Using the XDCAM Downloads Center (not started yet)


XDCAM Drive Software (VFAM) for PDW-U1 and PDW-U2 Drives

(take a look at this section and give your feedback about the format and hierarchical organization.)


Applications, Plug-Ins, and Device Drivers (not started yet) 


Professional Disc (PDW) Product Downloads (not started yet)


Professional Memory (PMW) Product Downloads (not started yet)


Professional Media Station (XDS) Product Downloads (not started yet)



XDCAM Version Reference

(check out rev 0.1 to see the type of information it will contain and the document format)


All "Unchecked" Firmware and Software Builds (not started yet)


All Latest XDCAM “Checked” Firmware and Software Versions



What are “Checked” versions?


·        With the availability of the software portal on the Sony Creative Software web site, those customers who don’t mind being on the “bleeding edge” and want to (or need to) download and install the latest firmware and software as soon as it is available from Japan, you still have this benefit -- we will refer to these downloads as "unchecked" versions.


·         However, for those customers who are more conservative, this site is for you.


·         In the US, we have historically publically posted new firmware and software releases several weeks after they become available from Japan because we like our Product Operation Support Center to do some testing prior to the public software drop (and thus can answer your questions more easily).


·         We do this for the benefit of both independent owner/operators who just have to worry about a single camera, as well as customers who have to manage a fleet of XDCAM products spread around the country/world.


·         We would like to use this platform to enable our large broadcast customers who need to manage the workflow and version control for a fleet of product owned by many freelancers an opportunity to test a new firmware/software versions in their production chain to determine whether there are any side effects / interop issues and then publish their list of “approved versions” in this forum.


·         We do a “best effort” test in conjunction with customers to detect any critical installation/application oriented interop issues which may not appear when testing a product/application in isolation.


·       We observe the behavior of new versions and add further information to the release notes to help all customers.

·       The table below lists the latest "checked" builds of firmware and software. 

·       We will create a central place which will store "unchecked" firmware builds and for most of the software, plug-ins and device drivers, we will either store a copy of the "unchecked" installer builds or have a link to where the unchecked build can be found.




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Re: ***Welcome to the XDCAM Download Center (XDC)***

Great Site!


Been looking for a forum site such as this for years. I have multiple Sony professional products and this will help no end. Will spread the word with my collegues.


Thanks again!



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