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Xperia Tablet

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Registered: ‎04-20-2013
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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S

google it ... (android 5.0 for dual core devices)

here a link :

 hope it's not true.....Robot Sad

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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S

[ Edited ]

Nothing to worry about then for xperia tablet s, but its only rumour that won't be confirmed wrong or right untill like may.
And i doubt its true.


but if its indeed true then it make stuff verry simple for sony, aka their not to blame if they can't update everything to 5.0


might also just be that 5.0 won't offer much new stuff except performance boost for quadcore devices and few new features that require least quadcore.


Anyway they should update tablet s1 to jelly bean.

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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S

You just said what I want to say.
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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S

Because it is Sony, it will not provide as much support. Or else who would by new tabs? I am stuck with the ****** tablet S which browser can never be used properly, shut down itself every 2min.... but it's an old machine, will Sony still care to solve these probs when there r tons of new machines they have to care about? I gave up. Looking for new tab now, but not Sony again, even tablet Xperia z's spec is good, customer service and support are not. Bye Sony
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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S h

I totally agree. It seems that my 30 grand got wasted on Sony!!!! Really very annoying and dissapointing.
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Re: Jelly Bean for Tablet S

Sony Tablet S is a relatively old Android based tablet,  but due to its specs and feature its users are still satisfied by its performances and capabilities

  1. Just download the SONY Tablet S Upgrade Tool on the computer you are using.
  2. Use the link from here.
  3. Take your tablet and its USB cord; by using both connect the device with the computer.
  4. On your computer open the downloaded file.
  5. Follow the on-screen instruction for beginning the update operation.

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