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SD Card Fail

Why oh why Sony? Why can't I put music on my SD card and listen to my music from SD card? At this time, you can listen or watch a video one at a time ONLY from the SD card. Plus, you have to go through the stupid file transfer app to do it.

Why don't you allow me to access my SD card as a drive so I can play music/videos or view pictures? This is a HUGE issue for me and I'm thinking I'm going to have to return my new tablet, unless you can tell me that Sony is going to be doing an software upgrade to allow this function?

This tablet is just about the perfect tablet out there, but now, my search continues. I know why you did this, you didn't want people buying the cheapest model and sticking a 32gb SD card. Your like apple, you want people to buy the most expensive model to get the preferred space of 64gb.

(shaking my head in sadness and disbelief).
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Re: SD Card Fail

Hi SnoopySony,
an easy solution is ES File Explorer, free on the market. It can access ur sdcard (labled sdcard2) and has a built in music player. Of course its nothin special but u can select all files at once, play em without having to transfer and even save them to a playlist.

How to in ESFE:
1. Open and navigate to ur music folder.
2. Menu button --> Operations --> Select All
3. Menu button --> Music --> Play
4. In music player: Menu button --> Save

If u wanna add music to this playlist just repeat the procedure and instead of Play in step 3 u hit "Add to playlist".

As I said nothin special but it does what it music!

Hope it helps.

- Chris
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: SD Card Fail


Thanks for your reply. The Android market is great for 3rd party apps, but I shouldn't have to use an alternative program to do a function that should be built into the tablet. The newly released Asus slider has an SD card slot and you can use it as a drive to listen to music or watch movies.

I've also noticed that no one from sony has commented on this huge mistake.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: SD Card Fail

I agree m8, it sucks to be frank. But as u stated in ur previous comment Sony intended it that way. Otherwise everyone would buy the 16 GB version instead of the 32GB model.

I dont think we'll get a fix for this. But for me ESFE works like a charm. I dont need a fancy music player where I can jostle around my covers I need only be able to listen to my music.

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