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Xperia Tablet

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎04-01-2014

Will the Xperia Z2 be available on US carriers?

Hello.  First, there is no category for mobile phones?!?!??  Secondly, I am very interested in the upcoming Xperia Z2 phone recently announced.  Will it be released to US carriers - specifically T-Mobile?  I've never owned a Sony phone before, but would take the plunge if this one were available as I am sure millions of others would!


Thank you.


Craig Sherman

Posts: 1,668
Registered: ‎10-25-2013

Re: Will the Xperia Z2 be available on US carriers?

Hi Craig,


Greetings! At your convenience, please reach out to our colleagues at Sony Mobile for further assistance with your question. You can reach them at this site:  Thanks for your message today!