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Registered: ‎12-02-2015
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Xperia z2 tablet won't turn on

Please help! I bought my Xperia Z2 tablet about a year ago, and I have had no problems until now.  Three days ago I was using my tablet and had it plugged in to charge. Just after it reached 100% charge, I turned it off for the night. The next evening, I tried to turn it on, and it did nothing. I tried holding down the start button but nothing. Then i tried holding down the start button along with the volume up to do a soft reset. No vibrations, nothing. I looked for the red button next to the sim card, but my tablet doesn't even have that button! I downloaded the PC companion thing to my PC, but it wouldn't even recognize the tablet. I tried holding down the power button and the volume down button just because nothing else worked. Nothing again. I even tried charging the tablet, in case for some reason the charge drained overnight..... Nothing.  The tablet is completely unresponsive.


I did nothing to it from the time I turned it off (fully charged) until I tried to turn it back on. Can someone please provide a solution??!!!?

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Registered: ‎12-09-2016
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Re: Xperia z2 tablet won't turn on

I have same problem. It seems a battery problem. 


I left without use for some days, five to ten for drain battery.

After that I connect it to USB charge. In some minutes it turns on in the way showing battery charging -red if it was discharged-. When it reach a 30% or more I can turn tablet on. 


I have the base adaptor for charge thru magnetic contacts. Once that is charged, I leave it turned on keeping to not down below 60% and near to 90% (it can turn off suddenly).


I hope this can help you. Regards

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Registered: ‎07-19-2017
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Re: Xperia z2 tablet won't turn on

Hi Safira64, just wondered if you found a satisfying fix for this problem? I have the same problem, bought sgp521 on ebay knowing it was dead but I have got it going perfectly except if I turn it off I have to wait two days before magnetic charger is recognised! I tried the sony repair rubbish but they instruct you turn off the tablt, catch22! I know tey say repair can be done while tablet is off but tried that and surprise, surprise nothing happens, so would appreciate an answer that works, as you are well aware of there are so many helpful tips ( like the peoplewho try and help the lady with soot in her eye in Brief Encounters) mostly people who like to think they are helping but just time wasters....yours Steve.

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