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Accepted Solution

how do I turn on "developer mode" on xperia tablet z device?

Hi all,


I'm a new xperia z tablet owner.


One thing I've been craving for is that Chrome defaults to displaying the Desktop-version of a web-page by default (rather than the mobile version of a site).


I've found information online explaining how to do this:


I wanted to perform the steps described in the "For users without Root Access", as I don't want to root my brand-new device.


This involves getting the adb command working. I was able to retrieve this tool via a "mini-sdk" provided at this site:


When I run the suggested adb command, it reports:


* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
error: device not found


I then read this page regarding adb protocol via the "usb debugging" setting:


However, when I try visit the equivalent "USB debugging" setting on my xperia z device, all settings within the "Developer Options" section are disabled.


I then read this web-page describing how to turn "developer mode" on:


It suggested going to "About" and clicking the "Build Number" seven times to turn this setting on...


But when I try this, it doesn't work on my device.


I've been googling for a while trying to learn if sony devices have some other unique method of doing this, with no luck so far.


So would you be able to tell me how I can set developer mode on my sony xperia tablet z device?


Thanks for any help.



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Re: how do I turn on "developer mode" on xperia tablet z device?

Hello Gurce,


Here is a link to the Sony Moble team for assistance with your tablet Z.

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Re: how do I turn on "developer mode" on xperia tablet z device?

H RyanC,


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the forums there are currently read-only, so didn't get a chance to ask the Q there. I did try the the "Contact Us" form a few days ago, no response as yet.


But fortunately, I was able to stumble on the answer by myself. Will jot down the answer here, for the benefit of others needing to figure this out, and getting thrown off by all the red-herrings google dishes up:


  • Go to "Settings >> Developer Options"
  • Notice in the top-right corner of the screen there is a small horizontal slider switch
    (it's within the "Settings" title bar aligned to the far right)
  • The slider switch is currently set to the left position, so slide it to the right position
  • A popup will appear saying:

    "Allow development settings?"
    These settings are intended for development use only. They can cause your device and applications on it to break or misbehave.
  • Click "OK"
  • You can then turn on options such as "USB debugging" on this menu


I'm a happy chappy now Smiley Happy

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Registered: ‎08-21-2013
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Re: how do I turn on "developer mode" on xperia tablet z device?

Aah, but not so happy now when what I was originally trying to achieve (get chrome to default to "desktop-mode" web-sites instead of "mobile-mode" web-sites) still doesn't work Smiley Sad


Perhaps this diverges from the original title of the thread, but since it's related to the original intention and might attract google hits from people interested in this, I'll share my further experiences on this...


When I try the adb push command they suggested:


adb push chrome-command-line /data/local/chrome-command-line


I get an error:


"failed to copy 'chrome-command-line' to '/data/local/chrome-command-line': Permission denied"


From my further googlings, I've learnt this is due to the adb user not having super-user/root access, and there would be no other option but for me to root the device in order to give the adb user such root access.


Ie, the original web-page suggested that I could use adb to accomplish this task on a non-rooted device is no longer accurate (perhaps it was true for older android devices, but no longer for newer devices?)


Ah well, will ponder rooting the device then... It's something I wish could have been avoided, as it's a new device and I didn't want to rip its guts out so early...


...but this default chrome behaviour is really annoying and is providing enough impetus to press on...


...Unless one day chrome decides to provide a setting to turn this desktop-mode setting on by default, saving us poor users the trouble of jumping through so many hoops to make it happen on our own Smiley Sad

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Re: how do I turn on "developer mode" on xperia tablet z device?

Hi Folks,


Greetings from me!!!


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