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VAIO Phone Support Options
Pay for Support | 1.866.343.7669

VAIO Phone Support Plan ($199.99)
Entitles you to 1 year of phone support.
How-to Support ($49.99)
If you would like Sony to teach or show you how to use VAIO features and functionality.
Diagnostic and Repair ($99.99)
Software/Driver Installation or reinstallation of pre-installed software.
  • Optimization (PC Tune-up): Installation of critical updates (Sony & Microsoft only). Update of security software, remove temporary files, optimize startup, remove unwanted files or applications, etc.
  • Connect & Secure (Networking): Setup and securing a home network, etc.
  • Software Repair: Software fixes such as BSOD errors, system recoveries, etc.
Virus Removal (Malware and/or Spyware) ($129.99)
Removal of Viruses, Malware and/or Spyware. Updating or enabling current A/V or Anti-spyware program. Installing trial version of A/V or Anti-spyware at your request.