cant change brightness after installing windows 8.1 View in community

I have a Vaio SVE14135CXB


I recently upgraded from windows 8 to 8.1 and now I can't adjust the brightness on my computer after it goes to sleep.  I can change the brightness from a fresh reboot, but when I open the lid to wake it from sleep I can't change the brightness.  


I followed the directions found in this thread  

1. Download and install revo uninstaller pro.  You can use the trial for this.

2. Use revo uninstaller pro to uninstall viao control center first.  Make sure to use the advance mode and select all the leftover registry keys and files and press DELETE.  Uninstall it completely. 

3.  Do the same uninstallation for Viao Care. Please make sure to select all the registry keys and left over files!

4.  Reboot

5.  Download Viao Care version only!  Install it.  You can most likely get it still from the US support site. 

6.  Reboot

7. Press the Assist button to bring up the viao care.  Go to advance tools, select restore and recovery, then select reinstall applications and drivers.

8. Install the Viao Control Center from there.  The version should be 

9. Reboot.



 It didn't do anything.  

although I had to install a later version of vaio care ( because I could not find the one mentioned.  When i followed the directions to install control center it installed and I'm not sure how to get the newer one mentioned (It returns no google results).  


I'm not sure if I was all up to date on my updates before I upgraded to 8.1.  I have since updated everything.  

Please help me fix this, it is a key functionality I really need to be able to use.