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CX 675 Camcorder - Terrible Picture Quality

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I am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. I just bought a Sony CX 675 camcorder to mainly use to record gymnastics meets and school functions -- so a LOT of indoor stuff. It's been many years since I've used a camcorder and never an HD one.


I took the camera to the meet today, recorded in 60p and the quality was downright awful. Grainy, blurry and really terrible. It was in a large convention center that I thought had decent lighting (not outdoor lightening but it wasn't dark). I also recorded the same events today with my Nikon J3 Mirrorless Camera (my normal camera of choice) and those videos were great, clear, and easy to see.


I'm wondering if it's just camcorders these days (which I doubt) or if I don't have it set up right? Maybe I'm not videoing in the right HD mode? Maybe my FPS is off? Maybe I need to choose a different setting somewhere. 


In two weeks my kids each have a gymnastics meet, at the same time, but in different states, so I was hoping to get a camera to send with my husband to video (and since my Nikon J3 overheats when I try to use it for long videos like school functions, I really wanted a camcorder to be my back-up video camera).


Any help you could provide to get me going in the right direction to get these videos clearer would be oh so appreciate. And if I'm asking more of the camera than what it can do (to provide clear videos) then please let me know that too. 

I do have another meet tomorrow that I'd like to try again ... but want to make sure I give it a fighting chance! 



Editted to add that I turned off Digital Zoom and I've got a SanDisk Ultra PLUS 64GB microSDXC UHSI Memory Card

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Re: CX 675 Camcorder - Terrible Picture Quality

Im having trouble with a new Camcoder myself so I feel your pain. We buy new cameras and expecting something much better than before. Then we get something really bad. 


Since you get a great picture with the Canon it sounds like that is a much better camera. For your use anyway. But you should get a clear and sharp piture in the conditions you describe. I doubt its a FPS issue if you are not filming anything with very quick movements. Sounds like a AF problem. Same as I have. The camera has a hard time finding anything to focus on and everything is out of focus. Zooming in makes it even worse.

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Re: CX 675 Camcorder - Terrible Picture Quality

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What specific settings are you using?  Are you using automatic settings for everything?  If yes, have you experimented with any of the manual settings?  If there is a lot of movement or more than one person or object moving at a time in a scene it can throw autofocus out and make it difficult for the camcorder to know what is the object of focus.  

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