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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 Touchscreen Not Responding/?Calibration Issue

I bought a DSC-TX10 quite a few years back.  It has been a great camera thus far and still takes amazing pictures.  However, about two years ago, the touchscreen started going wonky:


1.  Does not register my touch selections - sometimes takes several times to acknowledge I am touching the screen

2.  The left hand side of the screen I cannot select anything, it puts me into the "zoom in" mode on pictures in playback/view menu.  When in the picture/record mode, when I touch the left hand side of the screen options it responds as if I was touching a face in the picture, highlights with yellow boxes an area just right of the icon option I touch -- this is where I am thinking it is a calibration issue with the touch screen.


I have been searching high and low for reasons why this is occurring and I have found nothing.  I have found and tried the following:


1.  Reset camera by taking battery out for 1 minute and reinsert.

2.  Reset camera by taking battery out, hold on/off button down for 15 sec. and then put battery back in

3.  Restored factory settings, which took me forever to find under the "?" icon (in camera guide)


I thought I succeeded when I restored factory settings.  The touchscreen initially was responding without hesitation upon language and timezone selection startup initial settings.  However, once I got to the date/time settings, the touchscreen started to not respond to my touch.  Hopes dashed.  


Does anyone out there, by any chance, know what is going on with my camera or have any idea if there is another way other than the touchscreen to access the "menu" so I can search the settings?  I found a few other sites suggesting to try other stuff, but funny thing is they all require you to select the "menu" option which is only accessable via touchscreen as far I can see.  


It blows my mind that Sony didn't think to make the camera have an external menu button in case the touchscreen failed.  Blows my mind even more, when Sony help sites topics regarding touchscreen issues state to go into the "menu" to find a certain setting.  HELLO SONY!!!  TOUCHSCREEN AINT WORKING, SO WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME TO ACCESS THE MENU THAT I CAN'T ACCESS????  Frustrating.  

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